Most Common Types of Scalp Conditions for Proper Hair Care

There are different scalp conditions that can become a cause of hair fall or damage as well. So it is really important to know about them to prevent your hair fall or any kind of scalp condition that may turn into worst. Every single scalp condition has its causes and reasons to appear. Here we are explaining a complete overview on different types of scalp conditions for you. So, let’s continue the reading!

  1. Ring Worm

Ringworm scalp is a fungal based infection which can appear in your scalp or even at hair shafts. Ringworm is categorized into different stages, and hence, the symptoms might vary accordingly. It usually appears on scaly or bald patches of your head.

Why did it happen?

Ringworm’s can most often take place due to skin patches in your scalp. As soon as the patches expand or get enlarge in size, it can bring the condition of ringworms. In case if patches appear with small black dots, this becomes another significant sign of ringworms. Some other significant symptoms can be the painful area of your scalp or fragile hairs.

What it causes your hair to fall?

Having fragile hairs in ringworm is the leading cause of giving your hairs a reason to start falling. Presence of black dots in patches will make the hair roots weak and less healthy.

List of Natural Extracts to Treat Ring Worms

  • Grapefruit seed extract: To treat ringworms, choosing the extract of grapefruit seed is one of the most effective options. You need to add a few drops of grapefruit seeds in one small tablespoon of water. You can apply it on your scalp at least twice times a day.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Applying the tea tree oil directly on your hair scalp and roots will allow preventing dandruff from staying in your hairs. In the starting stages, you can add just a few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo or conditioner. Allow the oil to stay in your hairs for maximum an hour. You can use this oil as in a form of massaging oil for your scalp.  You can also get shampoo products of tea tree oil content in it.
  1. Folliculitis

Folliculitis is a form of inflammatory skin issue where it shows its maximum effect on the hair follicles. They are a sort of opening into your skin which is accountable for holding the hair roots. It can take place due to fungal infection with which it can severely damage the hair follicles. You can quickly treat this scalp condition at home.

Why did it happen?

There are specific reasons due to which Folliculitis scalp condition can take place. One of the primary symptom or cause is itchiness in the scalp or burning sensation. Extreme stinging or burning sensation can cause Folliculitis quite easily.

What it causes your hair to fall?

As soon as this infection starts to spread to the rest of the hair follicles, it brings positive results of scarring or even permanent hair loss.  If the hair follicles become extra weaker, they can even bring baldness results for men.

List of Natural Extracts to Treat Folliculitis

  • Garlic: Garlic is a natural herb with some amazing antibacterial properties. As soon as you start to encounter the signs of Folliculitis, you can use around three garlic cloves for its efficient treatment. Apart from cloves, using garlic oil medications can even do magic for you.
  • Essential oils: Using essential oils can also bring some fruitful results for you to treat Folliculitis scalp condition. Some of the standard and highly recommended essential oils are lavender and thyme. You can massage your scalp by adding few drops of oil in water. You can even choose to apply it on those areas of your scalp which are affected much. Tea tree oil is considered to be scalp fighting oil for both men and women. Apart from scalp care, it is also used for skin treatment. You can use it in the form of liquid by adding a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner.

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