Microsoft Word MCQs

In the world of digital learning and skill assessment, “Microsoft Word MCQs” stand out as a critical tool for mastering Microsoft Word. These Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) offer an efficient way to evaluate and enhance your proficiency in Microsoft Word, covering a wide range of topics and functionalities. Whether you’re a student preparing for exams, a professional striving to improve your word processing skills, or an educator looking for assessment materials, “Microsoft Word MCQs” are the go-to resource. By integrating these MCQs into your learning or assessment strategy, you can significantly boost your command of Microsoft Word.

1: What is the primary extension of a Microsoft Word document?
2: What tab contains options for changing font formatting in Microsoft Word?
3: Which feature allows you to view a document in two-page layout?
To insert a page break in Microsoft Word, which key combination should you use?
What is the default file extension for a Word template?

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