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The postal code for Miani, Sargodha, in Punjab, Pakistan is 40550. Miani is a town located in the Sargodha District of the Punjab province in Pakistan.

Postal Office Post Code
Miani 40550

Miani, a town nestled in the Sargodha District of Punjab, Pakistan, has its own unique Miani postal code, which is 40550. This code helps in organizing and delivering mail efficiently within the area.

Miani is a small town in the Sargodha area of Punjab, Pakistan. It’s known for farming, especially growing fruits like oranges. People in Miani mostly work in farming and live a simple life with their families and communities.

The town has markets, schools, and places where people go to pray. Life here follows the farming seasons and local traditions.

Sargodha, the bigger area around Miani, has a big air force base, but Miani itself is more about farming than the military. Roads connect Miani to bigger cities, making it easier to send farm goods to other places.

Miani shows what life is like in the countryside of Punjab, with its traditions and the way people live and work together.

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