Interesting life Facts that Increases the Knowledge

There are a lot of things about life facts that give us information as well as we gain our knowledge or we can say some of the interesting facts of life which we don’t know

life facts

There are some of the facts about life will amaze you when you will come to know about those facts. Following are some of those interesting facts are mentioned as under.

  1. There are two animals which can see at their back without turning its head are parrot and rabbit.
  2. The left lung of the humans is smaller as compare to the size of right lung. It is to make a space for the heart.
  3. The level of stress and hormones gets better by laughing and it also gives energy and strength to the immune system. A 6 years old child laugh around 300 times a day while an adult laughs a day is from 15 to 100 times.
  4. During peeling the onions if you will start chewing the gum you will never cry.
  5. When the baby burns in the wealthy families of an ancient Greece, the families dip the babies into the olive oil to make them hairless throughout their life.
  6. A cockroach can easily live its life for several weeks after cutting its head.
  7. With the 21 inches tongue a giraffe can easily clean its ears.
  8. As compare to the camel a giraffe can easily go longer without drinking water.
  9. The eyes of ostrich is bigger than its brain
  10. A dolphin can easily sleep with its one eye open.
  11.  If the penny is tossed 10000 times, the result will not be heads for 5000 times but it will be around 4950. It is because the picture on the head side has more weight as compare to the tail so it ends up on the bottom.
  12. Around 1000 birds die in a year due to smashing into the windows.
  13. Owls are the bird which can see the blue color.
  14. It has been observed that an average person dreams around 1460 times a year.
  15. The typing speed of an average person is around 56% from its left hand.
  16. Afghanistan is the only nation whose name starts with an A but does not ends up with an A.
  17. As compare to people there are more chickens in the world.
  18. When the baby is born it has around 300 bones but when they become an adult the number of bones remains around 206.
  19. The elephant is the only mammal in the world which cannot jump.
  20. The maximum age limit of the goldfish lived for 41 years.

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