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The postal code for Kot Momin, Sargodha, in Punjab, Pakistan is 40450. Kot Momin is a town located in the Sargodha District of the Punjab province in Pakistan.

Postal Office Post Code
Kot Momin 40450

Kot Momin, a town nestled in the Sargodha District of Punjab, Pakistan, has its own unique Kot Momin postal code, which is 40450. This code helps in organizing and delivering mail efficiently within the area.

Kot Momin is a town situated in the Sargodha district of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Nestled amidst the fertile plains of the region, Kot Momin holds historical significance and cultural charm. The town is known for its agricultural activities, with fields of wheat, sugarcane, and other crops dominating the landscape. The community in Kot Momin is closely-knit, and the town’s traditional bazaars and bustling markets reflect the vibrant local culture.

The town is not only an agricultural hub but also boasts historical landmarks, adding to its appeal. Visitors to Kot Momin can explore its historical sites, such as old mosques and buildings that stand as a testament to its rich heritage. With a blend of rural tranquility and historical allure, Kot Momin continues to be an integral part of the Sargodha district, attracting both locals and tourists who seek to experience the essence of this charming Pakistani town.

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