Jazz Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz has introduced tip top Mobilink internet packages for its lovers. Best qualities of Jazz internet packages are excellent streaming, economical rates for everyone and signal quality is outclass. Mobilink jazz has earned lot of fame because of its user beneficial Mobilink/ Jazz internet packages and people prefer to use Jazz. Jazz offer number of packages for day, night, week and month also. It helps you to stay in touch with your loved ones and talk to them for hours. If your relatives are abroad, even then Mobilink facilitates you by giving you enough volume and best streaming to talk to them for hours. Details of All Jazz Internet Packages are following:

Mobilink Internet Packages

Daily Browser Internet Package

PriceRs. 11.95 + Tax
Validity01 Day
Subscribe Code*117*11#
Status Code*117*11*2#

Daily Social Internet Package

PriceRs. 8 + Tax
DATA500 MB (Facebook & WhatsApp)
Validity24 Hourly Recursive
Subscribe Code*455#
Status CodeNill

Daily Peak of Peak Internet Package

PriceRs. 24 + Tax
DATA100 MB (24 Hours) – 1.1 GB (2 AM – 2 PM)
Validity01 Days
Subscribe Code*117*4#
Status Code*117*4*2#

Weekly Mega Plus Internet Package

PriceRs. 267 + Tax
Validity07 Days
Subscribe Code*453#
Status Code*453*2#

Weekly Mega Internet Package

PriceRs. 210 + Tax
Validity07 Days
Subscribe Code*159#
Status Code*159*2#

Weekly Premium Internet Package

PriceRs. 147 + Tax
Validity07 Days
Subscribe Code*117*47#
Status Code*117*47*2#

Weekly Streamer Internet Package

PriceRs. 95 + Tax
Validity07 Days
Subscribe Code*117*7#
Status Code*117*7*2#

Weekly YouTube Offer Internet Package

PriceRs. 80 + Tax
Validity07 Days
Subscribe Code*570#
Status Code*570*2#

Weekly Social Internet Package

PriceRs. 70 + Tax
DATA05 GB (IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook)
Validity07 Days
Subscribe Code*660#
Status Code*660*2#

Monthly Browser Internet Package

PriceRs. 215 + Tax
DATA04 GB (2 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Validity30 Days
Subscribe Code*117*77#
Status Code*117*77*2#

Monthly Mega Internet Package

PriceRs. 375 + Tax
DATA08 GB (4 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Validity30 Days
Subscribe Code*117*31#
Status Code*117*31*2#

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