Internet is a Blessing or Curse, Advantages and Disadvantages

A worldwide computer network is called Internet. Any two computer on the internet can communicate with each other. Each computer on the internet has an address which is universally recognized throughout the network. Web, also called World Wide Web (WWW) is collection of resources that one can access, from anywhere in the world, over the internet. These resources can provide textual documents, static graphic images, videos, audios, programs or any other information. Web is just one of the many services available on the internet. Apart from web, Email, chat session, social networks etc. are other services.

On internet, exchange of information takes place on client /server model. A client is a computer which receives from the server and a server is a computer which gives information to other computers on internet. Servers and clients communicate through a protocol, HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).The set of rules of information exchange between server and client is called protocol.

Hardware required for Networks

Network cables are actually wires which are used to connect different computers in the network. Twisted-pair wire, coaxial cable and fiber optic cables are commonly used in networks.

Wireless Media

In the presence of wireless media, as the name shows, there remains no need of cables for connecting the devices.

Network interface cards

Network interface cards are also needed for a network which controls the flow of data. Apart from these cables and cards some linking devices are also required for the networking.

Some important linking devices are as follows:

  • Hubs
  • Bridges
  • Routers

Hub: A hub is connection point for different types of devices on the network.

Bridges: A bridge is a device that connect two LAN’s or segments of the same LAN.

Routers: Routers are very complicated devices. They are used to control and direct network traffic. The routers looks at each packet of data to determine where the packet should go and then determines the best route for it.

Basically the large systems of many connected computers around the world which people use to communicate with each other is called as Net or Internet. If the connection of internet is spread through cables then it is known as cable net.

 Advantages of Internet

Internet is a great development in the field of communication. A man in his home can talk and deal in his home can talk. And deal with someone at the remote corner of the world. E-commerce is another utility through which we can shop anything from anywhere around the world. Internet also functions as a popular medium of entertainment. A variety of services are offered  via internet such as job searching online banking buying tickets, hotel reservation etc.

Cable net is an international network connecting other networks of computers from companions, universities and other institutions in order to quick exchange of information. We are living in the age of computers and life. The development of computer programming and computer technology has given us the cheap and quick method of exchanging the information and communication. This method is called the internet.

The advantages and uses of internet can be described as following:

  • It gives information about every field of life.
  • You may get information according to your need through internet.
  • You may take advantages from encyclopedias and dictionaries with the help of internet.
  • It gives a coordination with the whole world and its interests.
  • It helps to exchange the views with the persons of some mental attitude.
  • Internet brings the world closer.
  • Current happening incident can be discovered by the use of internet.
  • Every kind of news related with politics, fashions, science, history, personalities can be discovered by the use of internet.
  • Internet is the latest means of communication. It has numerous advantages if it is used rightly for constructive purposes.
  • These are the advantages which provide ease and comfort in daily life.

Disadvantages of Internet

Internet has many charms, with the help of internet. We can get a wide range of information and

It can help us to communicate with many people throughout the world. Internet is also producing

False trends especially among the students which easily become a victim of its colorful and charming aspects.

Some abuses of internet are following:

  • The students, young boys and girls waste their precious time on sitting internet without taking any positive constructive benefit.
  • Most of the people use internet only to satisfy their inner desires.
  • Nude pictures and sexual materials is easily be available through internet which destroy the moral values of young boys and girls.
  • Misuse of internet and information and bad obscene films are available for them that effects their mind.
  • Stealing of money through credit cards is very common by the use of internet. Some extreme minded people get digest the money from the credit cards of others.
  • Theft of personal details and information like name, address, occupation are being used for criminal purposes.
  • Distribution of unsolicited e-mail or spamming in large number that are meaningless, and block the whole system, thus it depends on the user as how the internet is used and for what purposes.
  • The students waste their time in chatting with each other which is usually be very useless.
  • Several hours on internet without any purpose produce wrong effects on the health of the users.
  • Viruses are also travel in the computer if you download an infected file to your computer. If you have not installed an antivirus program you will even not come to know that you have become the victim of dangerous and harmful viruses.

The Government is trying to take such steps in which the only positive use of internet could be possible. However it is totally depends upon the trends and education of the people, if they are aware of their profit and loss, they will use the internet with their justification.

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