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Discord chat for gamer is an incredible innovation, and this is a beneficial and most demand able feature for everyone. People can easily chat with friends, family, and others. This feature is not only for gamer, but now players can also utilize this facility and share their views and take advice related to games, etc.

You can involve your fellows on chat and take their opinions related to the games. Anyone can quickly view your game and look the way you are playing just by adding people from your friend’s list and add then to your chat. Discord download is elementary, and few steps are needed, and you are ready for a conversation.

You can also do group chat, and that is an exciting and fun thing when all friends and fellows are chatting together and discussing and sharing their views about a game or way of playing games. There is a server that is handling the discord gaming chat, and this is simply an excellent option for all computer systems. There are some of the functions in which it lacks that includes venerable Ctrl+F.

This discord chat app for games is not only, but you can also do live chat, text messages, audio, and video calls, and much more — around 250 million users and getting facilitated from this gaming chat app worldwide. You have to do discord download and discord the app and make your channel and play your games on your account by adding your friends. The procedure of discord app download will take a few minutes to download. 

Features of Discord Chat for Gamers

Discord chat for gamers has come up with merely great features with fantastic advancement. Following are some of the best features of discord chat for gamers are mentioned as under.

  • You can do live texting while playing games, do voice communication and video calls as well to make your friends feel like real. You can also add your image on your display picture to create your account more attractive
  • Channel can be Used for Public and Private Use

If you are social and you want other people to join your chat room and make discussions so you can make a public channel. If you do not like to add others and you want your contacts to be available, you can create your account, and no one else will comment on your page. Just your contacts will be allowed.

  • Invite your friends on chat by Sending links

You can easily invite your friends to the conversation and group discussion if they are not added to your chat list. So this is the easiest way to encourage people to your platform.

  • Social platform

Users are not only using the discord chat app for chatting and gaming, but this platform is also best for group discussion, dispatching news and giveaway of polls, and much more. You can also create your own topic for review, and millions of followers will participate in that discussion.

  • Use across the Platform by APC Chatting

Not only members of discord can be a part of chatting, but people from other platforms can also participate in chatting, messaging, and calls, etc. people can easily use this facility from their phones and desktop computers. You have to do download discord, and if you are unable to do it, so do the discord app download.

You can utilize all facilities while playing the game on discord, and you will not only be able to do play games, but you are also allowed to chat, make calls, discuss with people different things and do whatever you want to make it more fun for yourself.

Pros and Cons of Discord Chat App

Now let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of this app and see how it is beneficial for you and not.


  1. Easily create and Join the Servers

Users are not only allowed to create the accounts, but they can also join the servers. If you want to have your private channel or community, you can create your own personal server. When the server is created, you can invite your friends by sharing the server’s code.

  1. Beautiful Interface

Discord has come up with a modern interface that allows you to switch on different channels. You can upload the screenshots of games, add the hashtags, and much more.

  1. Essential Features

Discord has come with great features in an interface. You can add the hashtags of your friends as well. You are also able to message your friends outside of the servers.

  1. Feature of Security

Discord app has the function of auto-encrypt chat that will keep all of your conversations and your server secure from getting hacked. If your server gets failed so the security app of discord will automatically auto switch to a new server for preventing the data loss issue.


  1. The interface is confusing to use

Not everyone can understand the technicality of servers. The interface of discord is challenging to understand, and people mostly face difficulty in handling the interface and switching the channels.

  1. Bugs Need to get Fixed

Sometimes the voices of distortion and robots get to appear, and it is irritating and interrupts while chatting or playing.

Discord apk Download

Have a look at the method for discord apk downloading. First, make some changes on your cell phone for downloading the app from unknown sources. 

  • Ho to the settings option
  • Chick on security settings option
  • You will see “allow installation from other sources” click on that option. After that, you can easily download discord app on your android phone.
  • Click on the symbol apk button.
  • Then click on the download button.
  • It will take a few minutes, and you will be asked to accept terms and conditions
  • You ill then click on the “Install” button
  • Then after a few seconds or minutes, the installation will be completed.
  • You are all set to start working now.

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