Impact of Information Technology on American Culture

You might have heard about the sentence that there is a positive and negative impact of information technology. This is the fact that technology has played a key role in making our life easy and simple. By utilizing advanced technology we can easily live our life without any difficulty and it is really easy to manage things. We can say that there are numerous benefits of information technology which we can’t ignore. On the other hand, the impact of information technology has also created lots of difficulties for people. There are many things creating a problem for people and that is affecting their life negatively.

Impact of Information Technology

Positive or Negative Impact of Technology

The advancement of technology specially the internet and social media has made a lot of changes in our life as compare to past and things were really difficult previously but now information technology has brought enormous changes in way of living, education, professionalism and related to health issues. But some of the things which are fissional, health-wise and emotionally.

This paper is based on highlighting the main points related to the impact of information technology on American culture. Well, there are many people who are getting benefited from the information technology butt, on the other hand, it is damaging them internally and their own personality is lost somewhere. Technology can also be defined in other words a combination of different types of equipment and machines which is basically designed and created to facilitate mankind and by performing multiple tasks simultaneously rapidly. Bit of you will completely depend on it you will face a lot of difficulties and failures in your life. This will not only have a failure but it will involve more failures for people.

This research paper is completely based on those people who are completely depending on the information technology and they have faced a lot of negative impacts and failures in their life. If we look into the past people used to handle all the work on their own and they used to solve all queries, questions, and everything by using their own mind and they always got accomplished even if it was writing an essay or solving a mathematics problem or construction and definition. That was the best time where people used to remember everything but now things have been totally changed now people just get all the answers by doing a click and all of the information is available but the mind is blank.

Some of the main impacts of information technology are professional workload, health and level of thinking are lost. If we talk about professionalism the employees are getting flexibility in their work but on the other hand, the workload has increased and they have to work more hours as compared to the normal time and normal days. They used to work more and that is what is affecting their performance because they are working more and the level of energy is decreasing and that is what is affecting their performance and their creativity.

If an individual be fresh and he will be able to manage things on time and will get some time to relax and they will give their best effort. This really affects the performance and if an individual will already be tired so he will not be able to work efficiently. According to the research, 53% of Americans work on the weekend and that is a huge ratio and we can say half of the professionals work on the weekend which means no timeout and no family time.

They use to sit in front of computer screen whole weekend so what you think an individual can give you good performance on the first weekday because all days are same for him. It has also been observed that 54% of people also when they are sick. Well working during sickness is really difficult and its effects on performance. The statistics show that more than half of professionals work during sickness and that is what effects their performance and their efficiency. They work but we can’t guarantee the great output. This leads them to go recover late because they are not taking rest so that is what is affecting their health.

Information technology has increased the mental workload of individuals and they are depending on the technology for everything instead of using paper and pen. (Sharma, 1999) People are now getting involved in techno stress that is getting free time to relax. It is only because of workload and also because of not getting proper rest and continue working over the internet. This result in a negative impact on behavior and changes in attitude.

This is a fact that the psychology of body is directly or indirectly. This is also being said that an increased ratio of stress is based on those who are continuously working over the commuter and using smartphones for long-term according to the [redactions the symptoms of psychosomatic syndromes will increase in the future and it is due to working over the computer for a long time period and extremely over workload due to rapid change in the professional life. The computer-aided system that is known as the automation use has changed the role of a man from working as an active one to a passive observer.

Different studies have shown that information technology has brought up many problems for human beings in terms of their health. A deep analysis has been done to prove that information technology has affected human’s health negatively. The ratio of studies that were identified was 34, it was analyzed that 41% of the majority were reported as they were involved in different incidents from different countries.

According to Martin and Grimmer, they have research on the attitude of the workforce. The International Journal of Human Resource Management has deeply analyzed the relationship between information technology and work. This research has focused on the dark side of the relation between information technology and work. New and latest technology was used to improve the performance of an individual but unfortunately it has decreased the performance of an individual by increasing the workload as well as the work criteria and requirements have also been changed that has affected the health and performance of an individual.

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