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How to view sentry mode events? Sentry Mode is a cutting-edge security feature in many Tesla vehicles, designed to protect your car when it’s parked. It utilizes the car’s external cameras to monitor its surroundings and record any suspicious activities. When activated, Sentry Mode acts as a vigilant guardian, ready to capture events that may occur in your car’s vicinity. To access and review these recorded events, follow these simple steps.

How to view sentry mode events

How to View Sentry Mode Events

Sentry Mode is a highly useful security feature available in Tesla vehicles designed to safeguard your car when it’s parked. It operates by utilizing the car’s external cameras to monitor its surroundings and record any events or incidents in its vicinity. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of accessing and viewing Sentry Mode events, ensuring you can make the most of this valuable feature.

Enabling Sentry Mode:

Before you can begin viewing Sentry Mode events, you need to ensure that Sentry Mode is correctly enabled on your Tesla. To do this, navigate to your car’s settings on the touchscreen. Then, select ‘Safety & Security’ and toggle ‘Sentry Mode’ to the ‘On’ position. This activation sets the stage for Sentry Mode to start recording any noteworthy events around your vehicle.

Saving Events to a USB Drive:

Sentry Mode events are typically saved to a USB drive that you connect to your Tesla. To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Plug a compatible USB drive into one of your car’s USB ports.
  2. Within the ‘Sentry Mode’ settings, enable the options ‘Save Clips on Honk’ and ‘Save Clips on Sentry Events.’ This ensures that events are recorded and stored on the USB drive for future retrieval.

Retrieving the USB Drive:

To access and view Sentry Mode events, you’ll need to retrieve the USB drive where these events are stored:

  1. Power off your Tesla and safely remove the USB drive.
  2. Insert the USB drive into your computer for further inspection.

Viewing Sentry Mode Events:

Now that you have the USB drive containing the Sentry Mode events, it’s time to view them:

  1. Open the USB drive on your computer.
  2. You’ll find a folder labeled ‘TeslaCam.’ Open this folder.
  3. Inside the ‘TeslaCam’ folder, you’ll discover subfolders corresponding to each camera angle (front, left repeater, right repeater, and rear).
  4. Choose the specific camera folder you’re interested in and access the video files within. These video files contain the recorded Sentry Mode events you want to review.


Sentry Mode provides an added layer of security for your Tesla, and knowing how to access and view Sentry Mode events is crucial in cases of incidents or suspicious activities near your vehicle. By following the straightforward steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently access and review the recorded Sentry Mode events, ensuring you are well-informed and your vehicle remains secure.


Q1: What is Sentry Mode?

Answer: Sentry Mode is a security feature in Tesla vehicles that uses external cameras to monitor and record events around your parked car.

Q2: How do I enable Sentry Mode?

Answer: You can enable Sentry Mode by going to your Tesla’s settings, selecting ‘Safety & Security,’ and toggling ‘Sentry Mode’ to the ‘On’ position.

Q3: Where are Sentry Mode events stored?

Answer: Sentry Mode events are typically saved on a USB drive that you connect to your Tesla’s USB port.

Q4: How can I view recorded Sentry Mode events?

Answer: To view Sentry Mode events, remove the USB drive from your Tesla, insert it into your computer, and access the ‘TeslaCam’ folder to view the recorded video files.

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