How to Shape Eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows at home is not a big deal. You can easily make you eyebrows at home. Sometimes it happens that some event suddenly come up and you cannot even miss them you have to attend that so you get up and start getting ready but then you realize suddenly that you have not eyebrows properly shaped and you cannot go like this. To cope up with such situations you should know how to make eyebrows at home. This is not very difficult you just should be aware of some basic steps make the perfect eyebrows.

How to Shape Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are not shaped properly it does not give you very good look and you look rough but properly shaped eyebrows totally change your look. There are some steps for how to shape eyebrows at home.

Easy Steps for Shaping Eyebrows

  • First of all gather the things that you are going to need for eyebrow shaping like you will need thread, scissors and loose powder
  • Sit at a place where light is sufficient so that you can see properly and thread your eyebrows neatly and perfectly
  • Now take thread of suitable size unite both the end of thread by making knot properly
  • Hold the thread in your hands with the fingers pointing upwards
  • Turn over the thread from one hand so that it will get the shape of X and give it more turns in the X position.
  • Apply loose powder on your eyebrows. It will help you to thread eyebrows easily and neatly.
  • Remove the extra hairs according to the thickness that you desire of your eyebrow
  • Give them proper shape and use thread to shape your eyebrows.
  • Some hairs are small and cannot be removed with the help of thread so you can use tweezers for those hairs.
  • Some hairs are long but cannot be removed because removing them can disturb the shape of eyebrows so you can cut them to the desired length with the help of scissors.

These are the important steps for shaping eyebrows at home. Learn how to shape eyebrows at home via this tutorial. These are not difficult all you need to do is learn how to move thread. Thread movement is very important.

When you hold thread in your hand in X position than give one stand a shape of rectangle and other side is small circle or oval shape. In this way move thread from rectangle to oval shape. Follow these easy steps to get the perfect eyebrows.

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