How to Reduce Risk of Stroke

Stroke is a condition in which blood supply towards brain is lost suddenly. Stroke is medical emergency because it is life threatening and leads to the death of brain cells. The damage due to stroke depends upon the part of brain which is injured like speaking, reasoning, reading or writing or the ability to move can be impaired.

How to Reduce Risk of Stroke.

Stroke is of two types

  • Ischemic stroke: Stroke caused by interruption in blood flow towards brain
  • Hemorrhagic stroke: Stroke caused by blood vessel rupture in the brain.

How to Reduce Risk of Stroke

There are some medical risks that can be major cause of different types of stroke you must know how to reduce risk of stroke. If you are having anyone of following risks must minimize these to avoid stroke.

  1. Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is condition in which the blood pressure values remain high than normal. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke. So by keeping blood pressure constant or within normal range you can avoid stroke. Eat less salt containing food. Add vegetables and fruits to your diet and make habit of doing exercise daily. It will balance your blood pressure and chances of stroke will be minimized.

  1. Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which the blood flow within the arteries is reduced because of high cholesterol level. This is major risk factor for stroke. If you are eating food rich in cholesterol, the fat may get accumulated in arteries which will block blood flow. Eat food with low cholesterol still if you cannot deal with it by taking precautions than go to doctor for some cholesterol lowering medicines.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetics are at greater risk of having stroke than anyone else. It is observed than cause of death of most diabetics is stroke. So they should keep regular check on sugar level. Type I diabetics must intake insulin on regular basis while Type II diabetics should maintain proper diet and they should be inveterate of exercise. Additionally, take metformin- diabetics drug daily.

Along with reducing these medical risks of getting stroke, you must know how to reduce risk of stroke by modifications in daily life.

  • Maintain your ideal weight according to your age.
  • Physical inactivity also leads to many health problems. People inveterate of exercise stay healthy and happy. You should make habit of walking or doing exercise daily to enhance your healthy life span.
  • Eat healthy food to avoid health problems. Prefer saturated fat as compare to unsaturated fat. Add healthy food to your diet like fruits, vegetables and low fat food.

These are some tips for how to reduce risk of stroke in fact all types of strokes. Following these will keep you healthy and fresh.

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