How to Recognize Your True Self?

Yourself is your true nature. But most people lose their true selves during different phases of life.
You can’t enjoy life without knowing who you are. To awaken your true self, you must have to come out of your comfort zone. Because your comfort zone is the one that blocks your true self.

True self

Learning Phase

The learning phase is an important phase of life. It teaches you how to get things done. Learning at an adult age is different.
You have to observe everything related to you. Most important is social interaction. You can learn many things from your social interactions.

Fear Zone

The fear zone is the one that stops you from coming out of your comfort zone. It is the phase where you face many situations that are out of your control. Your fear stops you from coming out of your comfort zone.
But the fear zone is the most important zone of your life. You can learn how to handle the worst situations. To conquer this zone, you have to understand the reasons for your fear and the problems that rise your fear.

Growth Zone

The zone, you have to appreciate yourself for faster growth. It tells you that you can get exceptional success. In this zone, you have to realize your visions and goals. A growth zone is not characterized to give you success, but an ability to conquer your life. It’s a place where you have the opportunity to thrive not merely survive.

Recognize your Comfort Zone

The Comfort zone is a phase where you feel safe, secure, and protected. For happy and exciting life you have to come out of your comfort zone. Because you can’t grow your true self in your comfort zone.
If you want to come out of this zone, you have to trust yourself.

How to trust yourself?

  •  Communicate with yourself
  •  Be confident
  •  Strengthen your skills
  •  Choose faith over fear
  • Stand tall in your worth
  • Respect yourself
  •  Listen to yourself
  •  Avoid negative self-talk

How to awaken your true self?

  •  Be confident to face reality. Always accept what you are
  •  Communicate with strangers
  • Understand that everything you need is inside you
  • Overcome your anxiety
  • Celebrate your happiness
  • Challenge yourself in your comfort zone

The only time you are growing is when you are uncomfortable.’

– T. Harv Eker


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