How to make Yourself Happy?

Happiness is a feeling. It may be a feeling of joy, satisfaction, or excitement. It is also a sense of well-being. Being happy strengthens your personality, body, and talent. If you are not happy, then you can’t enjoy a better life. For happy and exciting life you have to know what stops you from being happy.

Things that blocks happiness:

  •  Your comfort zone
  • Lack of gratitude
  • Lack of confidence
  •  Too much ego
  • Living in imaginations
  • Comparing yourself with others
  • Negative thoughts
  • Irritating past
  • Ignoring your own emotions
  • Lack of patience
  • Your expectations

Happiness makes you healthy. All cardiac patients lack happiness. Many institutions in the world are working to make people happy. Even courses of happiness are being introduced in the world.

Benefits of happiness:

  • Happiness gives you pleasure
  •  It strengthens your immune system
  •  It reduces pain
  • It increases your longevity
  • It makes your mind creative
  • It gives you an exciting social life

Fear of happiness is known as Cherophobia. If you are suffering from Cherophobia, then you must follow these steps to make yourself happy and joyful.

Things that make you feel happy:

  •  Take a deep breath
  •  Always listen to yourself. Understand your feelings and emotions
  •  Accept yourself what you are
  • Never skip your meal, especially breakfast
  • Drink plenty of water
  •  Avoid imagination
  •  Surround yourself with happy ones
  • Always make yourself smile
  • Appreciate yourself
  • Try to find happiness everywhere
  • Find positive meaning in negative events

Lack of happiness can cause emotional disturbance in your life.
Always respect your mother. Almost 90% of heart patients are those who haven’t good relations with their mother.
Drink plenty of water. Never wastewater. Many people take long baths in sadness, but this waste of water can make you cry. Moon is a planet of emotions. For positive emotions, start staring at the moon. It will make you feel happy.

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