How to Get Rid of Scalp Acne

Most of the people have problem of scalp acne and it is because of number of reasons. Pimples on the scalp are painful too because it makes difficult to comb and cause itching and swelling. Acne on head scalp is not visible because it is covered by the hairs but if the pimples are grow larger and are reddened and your hair are thin then this is visible. Major reason be behind the pimple on scalp is because of oily scalp. Like our skin excessive oil and dead cells become clogged in the follicles of hair which provide nourishment to bacteria leading to acne on the scalp. So this can be avoided by washing your hair on daily basis and properly rinsing your hair with good quality shampoo to remove all the dead cells and oil from your scalp. Here are some other ways about how to get rid of scalp acne and pimple on scalp hair loss.

How to Get Rid of Scalp Acne

Ways about How to Get Rid of Scalp Acne

Its common question that does dandruff shampoo help acne? Yes it does help if dandruff is causing you acne you can treat it your using anti-dandruff shampoo. Here are some other methods for treating pimples on scalp.

Honey & Cinnamon

In order to get rid of scalp acne prepares the hair mask with the following ingredients which will help you get rid of acne. Take these ingredients.

Honey                   2 tablespoon

Cinnamon           1 tablespoon

  • Mix both of these together to make a homogenous mixture
  • Apply this mixture on your scalp for 20 minutes
  • Afterwards rinse your hair with shampoo and water
  • Use this method two time a week for quick results

Dandelion Root Mask

Using dandelion root for the treatment of scalp acne is another best way about how to get rid of scalp acne. This can be prepared easily by the following method.

Dandelion root                  as required

Water                                   as required

  • Take dandelion root, chop them and then boil them in water
  • After twenty minutes remove it from heat and pass through strainer
  • Drink this infusion 2 to 3 times a day.
  • It prevents acne by cleansing your liver

Tomato Juice

One of the older and effective ways of curing the scalp acne problem is though tomato juice. Tomato naturally has ability for maintaining the pH of our head scalp at normal levels so its use is also worthy in treating scalp acne.

  • Take tomato juice and apply it to your scalp
  • Leave it for some time and then wash with shampoo and water
  • Repeat this method two times in a week
  • It will prevent acne and give you quicker results

These are the best home remedies about how to get rid of scalp acne. Must try these remedies you will see the beneficial results without any ham.

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