How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

Having kidney stones is not an unusual thing. The issue of Kidney stone has become common and people of all ages face this problem. This issue is painful and people face different types of problem when they have stones in their kidney. Before starting the article and going through different ways of treatment for how to get rid of kidney stones we must know what kidney stones are.

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are mainly collections of salt and minerals that are hard that are made of uric acid and minerals. They are mainly formed inside the kidney. They can easily travel to other parts of urinary tract. Stones are of different sizes. They are as small as an inch. Kidney stones become as large as they spread on the entire kidney. These kidney stones are formed when a lot of minerals accumulate in your urine.

It is because when you do not drink enough water so your urine becomes concentrated a lot with certain minerals of higher level. When the level of minerals increases so it means that the chances of forming of kidney stones increase. 1 out of 11 in United Stated have kidney stones. Kidney stones are commonly found in men as compare to women and specially those people who are diabetic and obese. This also cause other health problems for people too.

Having kidney stones is a painful thing. Sometimes small stones easily pass through urine without taking any medication. But this happens very rare. There is a proper treatments for removing the kidney stones now it is up to you which option you will select for how to get rid of kidney stones. Those who are very conscious about their weight loss they must take proper nutrition diet so they will stay away from this problem. Firstly look at some of the symptoms of Kidney stones.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Following are some of the ways through which you can easily get rid of kidney stones.

  1. They have back pain, side and on the belly.
  2. Feel pain and burning during passing the urine.
  3. Can’t control their urine
  4. They have blood in their urine
  5. Urine comes with smell or look cloudy.
  6. Feel vomiting and nausea.
  7. Going washroom in short time.
  8. Feel fever and chills.

Treatment of Kidney Stones.

Now have a look at some of the best ways for treating the kidney stones. Following are some ways that are mentioned as under.

  1. Proper Water Intake

When you want to get rid of kidney stones you must firstly need to drink plenty of water. This will helps in instantly passing the stone through your urine. Instead of drinking 8 glasses of water you must drink 12 glasses of water to make it pass easily and instantly. Once the stone is passed you can drink 8 glass of water as you were drinking previously. One of the major cause of kidney stones is dehydration.

  1. Lemon Juice

When you drink thee lemon juice by adding lemon into the water this helps in preventing from the kidney stones. Lemon contains citrate that is a chemical which mainly helps in preventing from kidney stones. Lemon juice is also beneficial for different health issues and it is considered as the best remedy.

  1. Basil Juice

Acetic acid is included in the basil that mainly helps in breaking the kidney stones into small pieces. This also helps in reducing the pain that occurs due to kidney. This juice is full of energy and different nutrition as it is considered as the best remedy. This is also best for digestive and remove the inflammatory disorders. Anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are found in the basil juice. You can also make basil tea by taking fresh leaves of basil.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Acetic acids are found in apple cider vinegar. Acetic acids help dissolve the kidney stones. When you will use the apple cider vinegar it will help in removing the stones and it will also not let the stones to be formed. Apple cider vinegar is also very famous for numerous other health benefits.

You will take 6 to 8 ounce of water and add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

You will drink his water whole day. Do not try to increase the quantity of water. You can also add the apple cider vinegar on your favorite salads. Those who are diabetic or have blood pressure issues they must monitor their blood pressure and sugar level carefully when they drink this mixture.

  1. Pomegranate Juice

For improving the overall functioning of kidney the pomegranate juice is famous since centuries. Stones and other toxins are easily flushed out by using the pomegranate juice on regular basis. This is completely packed with the antioxidants that mainly helps the kidney to stay healthy and secure it from creating kidney stones.

The level of acid in your urine also become lower by eating it on regular basis. You can have the pomegranate juice as much as you can have it all day there is no limits for drinking this juice. For preventing from other health problems you can also use this juice like liver problem and blood pressure etc.

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