How to Get Rid of Hives

Hives is another name for Urticaria in medical terms. Hives is observed in many people as it is very common and almost 20% of the people must suffer this once in their life. Urticaria is not any serious disease. It is an allergic reaction which leads to raised reddish patches on the skin which are of varying size and shape. These reddish spots are itchy which disappear after a period of 12 hours approximately.


Hives are like something very alarming appears suddenly and then after couple of hours it’s gone like there is no allergic reaction. Sometimes hives may appear at any other part after disappearing. Here are some guidelines for how to get rid of hives fast at home.

Tips for how to get rid of Hives fast at home

There are sundry sources for the treatment of hives at home that can prevent you from visiting physician and you can get treatment at home without taking any medication. Just follow some easy home tips and get rid of hives or Urticaria.

1. Identify And Expunge Provoking Agent

Hives can have any possible cause like food, medicines and allergic substances etc and sometimes patient do not even identify the cause of it. So the prime step is to identify the provoking agent of Urticaria. Some people are prone to allergic reactions whenever they eat food, symptoms appear suddenly. Making a list of food which causes hives can be proved helpful in avoiding hives again and again.

  • There are certain foods which typically cause hives to the sensitive people such foods include eggs, nuts, peanuts, milk and cheese etc.
  • Some foods like tomatoes, spices, tea and Orange juice contain vasoactive amines which trigger histamine release ultimately leading to hives. Best home treatment is to cut back from such foods.
  • There are some foods resembling to aspirin as both contains Salicylate. Such foods include chocolate, fish, strawberries and pineapple. Sensitive people when eat these can develop hives,. Best way to get rid of hives is to avoid salicylates containing food.

2. Avoid Exposure to Environmental factors

Some people develop hives due to external environment factors. Best remedies suggest avoiding such triggers. Environmental factors include pollens, latex and dust mites. If you are allergic to these you should follow some precautions

  • Direct contact with latex containing plants as it can initiate allergic reaction and you will get hives.
  • Keep your place clean and dust free because dust can aggravate hives.
  • Avoid going outside if not needed in pollen growing season. Pollens are everywhere in environment and you can become in contact with pollens unknowing which will cause hives

Some people are prone to hives in case of extreme weather conditions like extreme cold or hot environment can make them suffer. Best remedy is to use sunscreen in hot season or avoiding going outside in winter can protect them from getting hives

3. Use of Natural Products

There are certain natural products which serve as best home treatment for hives. To learn about how to get rid of hives fast at home follow these instructions.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the natural product which has calming and relieving effect for hives. It is an ancient remedy for treating hives.

  1. Aloe Vera leaves contain Aloe gel which produces relief.
  2. Take Aloe Leaf and extract gel from the leaf.
  3. Aloe gel can be applied to the skin directly for 30 minutes
  4. Wash after half an hour with cold water

Following these steps can help you to get rid of hives

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Amalgam

Using Apple cider vinegar amalgam in people affected with hives is very famous remedy. It can give you quick relief.

  • Simply make paste of corn starch and Apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply this mixture to your skin’s affected area
  • Washing off after some time can help you get relief.

This mixture contains ingredients which can kill hive’s causing agent which makes it one of most effective treatments.

  • Zinc And Vitamin C

Most of our food items are rich source of Vitamin C and it is considered best for refreshing our skin. Besides this benefit it is considered best as antihistamine.

  • Make a mixture of zinc and vitamin C
  • Apply it your affected part and then wash with water
  • This remedy can be repeated twice daily.

These are some easy remedies to get rid of hives. But if the patient condition is severe you must go for medical treatments.

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