How To Get Bigger Biceps?

Monster biceps are the main focus for body and fitness builders and also these heavy kinds of stuff look awesome in every display so, here are some rules you should memorize for building a gigantic and monster biceps so stop wasting your precious time and energy on arm exercises full of fluff and unnecessary repetition. Our article is very much different from the other thousands of articles which described so-called heavy and fluffy energy required stuff because we will tell you simple and easy ways of making outclass muscular stuff. Let us start workout these workout exercises of arm-trainings for some serious sizzling size.

How To Get Bigger Biceps

Initialize lifting Heavyweight:

Try to lift as much weight as you can with your any of body part while starting your gym exercise but when it comes to your biceps exercise allow to lift heavy weight with your arms in any manner and pattern initially. There’s nothing something special for biceps training because this part of the body is almost warm up in every exercise during back exercises including arm workout like chin-ups.

The standing barbell curl is your first exercise because you can use the most weight with it. In barbell curl both of your parts, the long and short heads of the biceps are targeted effectively and successfully which is the plus point of this exercise.

Keep in mind don’t end up injured trying to look Hard!

Lower Repetition Workout:

Normally we go for weight which is easier and comfortable to lift up and perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 easily and move to the next exercise. That is the wrong way of exercising because the ideal exercise hypertrophy range is 8-12 reps, so don’t exceed that range and increase the lifting weight instead for greater muscle size.

Another point which should be discussed here on time is that it also doesn’t mean that you should perform only one-rep-max (1RM) curls with maximum weight to get bigger arms

Varying Placement of Hands on Barbell Curls:

The normal and recommended way of performing barbell curls is a shoulder-width hand position. That is an all right way of doing exercise, but for fast and effective results change up the muscle-recruitment pattern with time.

A wider grip on the bar allows you more resistance and tension in your muscles. Likewise, a closer grip on the bar is a little bit easier to lift as compared to the wider one. Both are effective when varied after some time.

Both the long and short heads grips are standard, with your hands moving in or out allows you focusing on one head more than the other selectively.

Raise the Workout Repetitions with times:

As your opening sets of 6-8 Repetitions complete, let slips to classic building range of 10-12 reps with a meaningful heavyweight that makes you tired enough at the end of your rep range and continues increasing weight with each interval.

With more weight do 8 reps and step up for 10 with it as long your arms fatigue at the end of your course workout.

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