How to Gain Weight And Muscle ?

As a grave requirement of modern world everyone wants to look beautiful because it is not only a passion but also a common right of everyone. In this regard weight plays a prominent role in your appearance which is a quite descriptive way of fitness and health. That is why range, whether, above or below, both are unacceptable according to health point of view.

How To Gain Weight And Muscle

How To Gain Weight And Muscle

If we discuss about the people who are underweight they really want to know about how to increase their weight in proper way ?

In proper way means how to increase the muscular junk of the body ?

Muscles are protein in nature, if one wants to increase his muscular mass so he needs to increase his protein. Now, what is protein?? Protein is a type of nutrient which is present in diet but how much? That should be encountered wisely.

Protein is an essential nutrient of diet which is present in adequate amounts in plenty of foods. They may include meat, milk, dairy products, pulses and vegetables. But the problem is that, these foods also contain fats within them so one should determine whether the foods are good or bad for his health.

There are some foods which are highly rich in protein

  • Cooked Chicken:

It consist of 35.1g of protein and only 5.0g of fats which eventually provides 196 calories which supply energy as well as help in increasing protein bulk of the body.

  • Well Cooked Beef:

It can provide 33.76g of protein and 9.2 g of fat which also gives energy of 229 calories.

  • High Quality Fish:

Fish provides 25g of protein with 14.01g of fats and gives energy of 234 calories.

  • Milk:

8.37g of proteins are present in milk with a minute amount of fats which 0.4g and the energy provided by milk is 86 calories.

  • Egg:

Egg white has 3.5g of proteins and 0g of fats providing you with the energy of 17 calories

  • Black Beans:

They supply 7g of protein with 0g of fats and 80 calories energy.

Use a proper diet plan with time to time fluctuations in foods also exercises of proper ways should be adopted to increase muscular substance of the body. This includes weight lifting exercises. But one should be very clear about that weightlifting is not a joke it requires proper training in a gym or fitness center and then one can adopt that in his normal practice.

Initially a low weighting block will work for a beginner and then he can continue with heavier weights depending on the wish to increase muscle size. The position and physical conditions of the body matter the most while weight lifting.


In order to increase muscles one should take protein rich and fats deficient diet with a moderate workout.

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