How to Deal with Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy

Sometimes it happens that you may become diabetic during pregnancy even you were not diabetic before pregnancy but diabetes goes away after the pregnancy if you know how to deal with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy is called as gestational diabetes. Chances are that you might become diabetic after one year or 2 of pregnancy so you must follow some precautionary measure to stay safe from becoming diabetic and you must know how to deal with gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

How to Deal with Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy

Pregnancy already has many do’s and don’ts because it is important for the health of your baby as well. If you have gestational diabetes than you need to follow some more do’s and don’ts  which include regular check up of blood sugar level, exercises and other possible treatments.

Risk Factors of Gestational Diabetes

  • If you are over weighed or obese, you can carry diabetes during pregnancy.
  • Women with family history of gestational diabetes are at greater risk
  • If you have excess fat accumulated over your abdomen area.
  • If there is lack of physical activity you might get gestational diabetes
  • Women with age above 35 are at greater risk

Best Ways to Deal with Gestational Diabetes

Follow these ways to know that how to deal with gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Check blood Sugar level

If you are having gestational diabetes you must check your blood sugar level on regular basis properly. Check postprandial blood sugar level, post meal and also in fasting condition as well. All these are required for proper control of gestational diabetes for keeping your baby healthy and taking care of your own health too. Even if you are not diabetic you must keep check on your blood sugar level as precaution.

Follow Proper Diet Plan

Your diet is very much important to control your blood sugar and keep this in safe level. So you should consult someone for proper diet plan or if you are having gestational diabetes must visit diabetes educator to get the list of food items which are good for you and which can keep your gestational diabetes under control.

Do Physical Activity

Sometimes all time bed rest can also be the leading cause of gestational diabetes because your body energy is not being utilized instead it is only being accumulated. So get yourself involved in some physical activity like go for walk for some time like 20 minutes. Walking is the best physical activity during pregnancy

Take Proper Medication

Gestational diabetic women are sometimes negligent about their medication because they thought it will not be good for them or their baby but it is part of your treatment and for the good health og you and your baby so do not miss your medication. Sometimes you do not need insulin only oral medications are sufficient.  Properly follow your medication chart to get rid of gestational diabetes.

These are the best and easiest way of how to deal with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Must follow these to stay safe and healthy.

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