How to Be a Good Father and Mother

Life of an individual depends upon different aspects which are necessary to get for a safe, healthy and happy life. If all these factors of life are available to an individual life becomes easier and full of happiness. In this regard parents play a great role to make an individual independently capable of surviving a life on the right track. So, a parent is basically responsible for making a child a respectable, honest and righteous citizen and of course a good human being who can serve the society and be a man to protect the rights of humanity.

How to Be a Good Father and Mother

If we talk about parents so there are two people who combine to form the word parents but again this is not only a word but it makes a vast concept and deep emotions are associated with them. As we all know that parents include a father and a mother. When a male and a female decide to live together and they are engaged in the whole life partnership commitment then they together make a couple which later on form a family and the story moves on when they live together and have children. As they have a child they become parents whereas they were just husband and wife before having the child.

Having word on mother and father individually we first talk about the mother,

How to Be a Good Mother

When a woman gives birth to a child she immediately becomes a mother or a parent, which is a great reward from nature of being a woman. As she becomes a parent she needs to perform certain duties which are not her compulsion but her emotions and love for her child.

In fact every parent loves her child so much but it matters how you are expressing your love to your child because it is so much important for a child to know that how much he means to his parent. This helps one to perform confidently, prominently and more enthusiastically.

So, definitely it is better to make your child relax from your side that he or she can easily trust you to tell something which he/she fears to tell everyone. This makes your child to be more frank with you and you can easily guide him to right path. But if you become rude to your child and your child is afraid of you that you will not understand him and punish him then he will hide everything from you and you can never put him towards the way which is protected and safe for his future.

  • Do not discourage or scold on small mistakes that he become demoralize from his objectives because your comments matter the most for him.
  • Don’t you ever beat on big mistakes because he cannot understand what a mistake is? But he can understand that you beat him whatever the reason was.
  • Don’t insult him by calling with bad names or don’t abuse him if he is not so cute or not so good in studies because this discourages him to step ahead in life that he is good for nothing.
  • Don’t bother him with the tensions you have in your life because he really feels the intensity of how much you are worried about something just he cannot tell you that he understands what you are feeling.
  • Don’t ignore one child while talking or hugging or kissing others because it is really insulting for the others to be ignored.
  • Don’t ignore your child while attending a call, while you are in the kitchen or while you are doing anything because if you do so your child thinks that your first priority is not your child.
  • Always try to cook food which your child likes or just ask before cooking something because he thinks that you don’t care of him if you just cook what you like to eat.
  • Don’t ever ignore your child while he is crying and saying it hurts because he needs you at that time and if you do so he feels alone.
  • Don’t you prefer a child over another even in a game or in a fight because he feels that he is not so good that you can be with him.
  • Keep your all children equal in buying clothes, toys, gifts and cookies.
  • Don’t argue your husband in front of them it hurts them a lot.
  • Don’t take a divorce just try to compromise for your children till the last limit.

Let us have a glance on the role of a father. Being a father, one should play all the duties mentioned in case of mother but most likely fathers are not as closed to children as the mothers are but see.

How to Be a Good Father

Father should express more love, affection, sympathy, protection and emotions as compared to mother because there is a short time period available for him to interact with his children comparatively. But that definitely doesn’t mean that mother lonely or a father solely can fulfill duties of both the parents.

  • A father should be a little bit dominating in both parents for preventing children from getting ruin but not as much dominant that they feel suffocated environment.
  • There should be a sense of equality and relax environment for all the children to survive and to do the duties well.
  • Avoid fighting, arguing or dominating your wife because she is also their mother and they don’t like that any one hurt their mother and the resulting environment is tensed and a burden is forced on their minds.
  • Speak politely don’t scold and don’t misbehave or beat them because yours restrictions are much more powerful than their mother’s. This could force them to disobey in the future.

Duties of both Parents

  • Try to give as good education as you can afford and as they can.
  • Try to behave politely and love each other this makes a peaceful environment at home which makes them satisfied because parents together make a learning platform for their children.
  • Don’t punish your children so much that they could not be able to love you.
  • Don’t make the home full of noise due to arguing or full or tensions making the home a hell.


Parents are on a great responsibility to grow their Children to respectable and skillful adults.

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