How Much Alcohol Raise Blood Pressure?

Most of the times one question comes in our mind does alcohol drink affect our Blood pressure? We are going to write about drinking first we should know about what is blood pressure, what are the symptoms, how alcohol affects blood pressure. If we consume too much alcohol, it can raise our blood pressure to higher levels. Consumption of alcohol more than three at a time increases your blood pressure for a short period but continuously consuming can lead to long term raising blood pressure. Those people who have difficulty with high blood pressure, avoid alcohol because it can raise blood pressure levels abnormally. Alcohol intake also increases weight because it contains calories and this could be a greater risk of high blood pressure in the future.

The Heart pumps blood all over the body to give energy in the form of oxygen. Blood pressure is a measurement of pressure that pushes blood against the wall of blood vessels and adding resistance from the walls of arteries. The Scientific term of increase blood pressure called hypertension. In this condition workload on heart become increase and heart work forcefully to pump blood all over the body under greater pressure. Several factors include and regularly drink alcohol is one of the major causes of hypertension.


Alcohol consumption depends on a personal lifestyle and diet. Alcohol can be good for your health and lower blood pressure by 2 to 4mmg Hg in extreme moderation. If consumed too much or beyond the limits so a positive relationship between alcohol and blood pressure will become lost. Age factors also effect on light drinking of alcohol these people above the age of 50 years have a higher risk of high blood pressure lead to heart attack and strokes.


As we have mentioned above there are several numbers of factors that are responsible for high blood pressure. Alcoholism is one of the risk factors involving to raise blood pressure levels. American heart association suggests the limits of alcohol per day one drink for women and two drink for men. Several studies showed that consumption of long term alcohol for several days can lead to an increased risk of chronic hypertension (sustained hypertension) results in atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart strokes, and heart attacks.


Alcohol withdrawal is not a very easy process, we cannot quit alcohol within a day, those personalities who are heavy drinkers if they sudden withdraw alcohol they should be medically supervised and learn how to handle withdrawal symptoms. American Heart Association gives a recommendation of alcohol consumption per day according to age, the gender of persons. Guidelines for decreasing high blood pressure risk including,

  • For men younger than 65: they take drinks not more than two drinks/day
  • For Women of any age group: This group consume alcohol one drink/day

After successful completion of alcohol detoxification, person Struggle a lot to quit alcoholism. So these people need to take part in the rehabilitation program for further relapse and recovery prevention. Including alcohol use treatment other treatments main also be included for example group counseling, single counseling, the activity of wellbeing, group meeting, family gathering.


There are several mechanisms through which alcohol raises blood pressure discussing in detail below one by one.

  • Involvement of Central Nervous System:

Studies showed that alcohol affects systolic blood pressure rather than diastolic blood pressure, in this case, a balance between these two pressures becomes disturbed controlled by the central nervous system. Studies also investigate that alcohol increases sympathetic flow from the central nervous system resulting in increased blood pressure due to the release of the corticotrophin-releasing hormone.

  • Involvement of Baroreceptors:

The research which showed that alcohol diminishes baroreceptors in heart, pressure raised due to impairment of baroreceptors which increases sympathetic activity induced due to excessive alcohol use.

  • Involvement of Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone System:

The serum level of renin-aldosterone and vasopressin increases sympathetic activity result increases high blood pressure is due to heavy drinking.

  • Involvement of intracellular Calcium and Vascular Reactivity:

Studies showed that excessive consumption of alcohol increases binding capacity with intracellular calcium results vasoconstriction of the endothelium, more pressure on walls causes high blood pressure.

  • Involvement of Endothelium and Oxidative Stress:

Too much alcohol also raises angiotensin II levels in blood and vessels through Angiotensin receptors type 1. Such as increase Systematic blood pressure, increase glomerular hypertension. Moreover, this activation increases kidney glomeruli, tubule injury enhances oxidative stress.

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