How Can We Maintain Our Health?

Health is a condition in which person free from any disease, the person should be mentally and physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually fit. Health is very important for performing daily healthy active tasks and also affect by number of factors such as genetics, environment, relationship and education. More use of junk food is also affects our health. Healthy lifestyle may increase the chance of life in a better way. So, the question comes in our mind what should we do in our daily routine to maintain our health.

Types of Health

Here we are going to discuss some areas of health for awareness

  • Physical health
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Spiritual health
  • Social health

Physical Health

Physical health and well being helpful to decrease the risk of health issues by providing practice of good hygiene, get rid of tobacco, stop use of illegal drugs. In this situation person body systems and homeostasis of body may affected. Person feels pain, rashes, itching, headaches these symptoms feels externally or internally that contribute overall physical health.

Mental and Emotional Health

It is a state that linked to the person psychological, emotional, social condition. Depression, anxiety or other disorders are not only the reason of mental health it also depends on the ability of perform to do in life like life enjoyment, get achievements, feel secure and safe. Our mind is involved to control emotions, poor emotional health is also affect our performance of daily basic task, handling of stress. Sometimes people know about their health but don’t want to do for this. This is not ashamed if you discuss your mental and emotional issues with your doctor.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is linked with religion. What someone’s to do for religion. If you perform task according to your religion ultimately give positive effect on your health.

Social Health

Those people who are not social are more prone to stress related problem. If Someone socially active and people around you are motivated, good soul like classmates, family, mentors etc. and you are giving your services for the benefit of others this will also affect your social health. Efficiency to make friends and connection become stronger is also very important.


There are a lot of factors that play a very important role in our health. Good health can reduce the risk of ongoing developing conditions or diseases. Following factors that may affect our health listed below

  • Surrounding environment
  • Genetics
  • Level of education
  • Source of income
  • Friends and family terms

Ways of Improved Health

We are going to learn what we can do to maintain our or our family’s health. Wellness is simply enhancing or increase well being.

  • Eating Healthy Food

If you take full nutrition balanced diet so you can treat some condition adopting this way. This will reduce your body weight and body cholesterol level also.

  • Do regular Exercise

Daily regulator exercise in you daily routine for 30 minutes’ maximum may toned your body, it will help to reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol and reduce depression etc.

  • Limit use of smoking

Getting good health avoid smoking is very important because tobacco and nicotine are very harmful for heart, lungs and cause cancers leading to death if not treated person health transfer towards bad health.

  • Limit use of Alcohol

More use of alcohol can damage your liver. It may cause pancreas, liver , thorat cancers and lead to death .

  • Learn Manage Stress

As we know that stress is a part of our life, we should find the source for better handling .Learn those activities which will be helpful to reduce your stress and give pleasure feeling. Try to take more part in different activities.

  • Enjoy Present Time

If we think about our past so we lost our present activities so its very helpful for savor lifes pleasure, we should focus on the present rather than past or future activities. Stay live in your present and make your present better.

  • Proper Sleep Pattern

Proper sleep gives very important impact on our health and working ability too. Maximum 8hours Sleep is mandatory. Lacking of sleep lead to mental psychological, emotional problems.

  • Relationship Engagement

Strong relationship is very effective for mental health. So connect with good peoples around you, these contacts will make your life full of joy and pleasure.

  • Take Help to Anyone

Some time in our life we cannot take decision or our mind is not ready to do any right decision so at this time we need other people’s help. Don’t hesitate talk to your doctor’s psychologist, pharmacist and close friends it can really change your life.

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