Home Remedies for Ear Infection

Ear Infection is caused due to microbes like bacteria or viruses. These microbes get entered into your ear inadvertently and damage your middle ear or the ear drum resulting pain and inflammation. The infectious fluid also gets accumulated into the affected part of ear. Some infections effects the ear for long time and some lasts for short duration and sometimes infections reoccur called as

  • Acute Ear Infection
  • Chronic Ear infection

Home Remedies for Ear Infection

Reasons of Ear Infection

Following are the possible reasons of Ear infections

  • Excessive mucus
  • Cold
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Other infections

Best Home Remedies for Ear Infection

  • Use of Garlic

Using Garlic is best home treatment for ear pain and infection because it naturally contain antimicrobial characteristics which are helpful in curing ear infections. You can use it in the following ways. Take the following ingredients

Garlic cloves                       02

Sesame oil                          2 tablespoon

Mustard oil                         2 tablespoon

Firstly take sesame oil and mustard oil in mentioned quantities and cook 2 garlic cloves in it. Remove the solution from heat when its color become black and strain it. Now insert the lukewarm solution into your ear in drop wise manner up to 4 drops. This is the easiest way to cure ear infection naturally. Apply this method if you are having infection.

  • Use of Basil

Another natural way to cure ear infection is the use of Basil because of its antimicrobial and analgesic properties it is being used in minor ear infections and ear pain as well. It can be used in the following manner.

  • Simply take some basil leaves and crush them properly
  • Extract the juice from the crushed basil leaves
  • Apply this juice around your ear and do not let it enter inside your ear

This is very effective and easy method among home remedies for ear infection which gives you quick relief.

  • Using Hot water bottle

Among all other treatment for ear infections the easiest way to cure ear infection is using warm water bottle as source of heat for curing infection of the ear. In case of severe ear infection providing heat to the ear by using warm water bottle gives you comfort from pain and stops microbial growth as well. You can use it in the following way.

  • Take heating pas or warm water bottle and press against your ear.
  • Keep it against the ear for five minutes and remove it for few seconds and again apply it
  • Avoid using this method for long time.
  • Only use it when it is needed.

These are the best home remedies for ear infection to cure ear infection naturally. Using these remedies can get you rid of ear pain and infection without making them worse.

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