Health Benefits of Apple and Apple Juice

“An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away” you all must have heard this saying and here is the proof about the truth of this saying. Apple or Apple juice in real keeps you away from going to doctor as it contain numerous healthy ingredients in it which can keep you healthy and prevent you from catching diseases. It is cultivated widely all over the world and majorly found in Asia. Because of amazing health benefits of apple juice and apple as well, it has got dominance among the other fruits.

Health Benefits of Apple and Apple Juice

Apple can be eaten in different ways. Mostly people like to eat raw apple, some people eat it mixed in salad or some go for apple juice. It is beneficial in all ways.  Apple plays greater role in maintaining blood pressure, cardiovascular system function and asthma as well.

Amazing Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Here are the amazing health benefits of apple juice. It strengthens our immune system and aids the functioning of vital organs of our body as well.

1) Good for Heart

Heart is the most important organ which pumps blood and gives life to humans. Apple is considered excellent for our health because it contains certain ingredients in it like potassium, antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols etc. These compounds and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of heart. Drinking apple juice frequently minimizes the risks of stroke as well and it maintains cholesterol level as well. Apple juice along with other ingredients is also rich in vitamin C which is good for arteries.

2) Good for Liver

Liver is the vital organ of our body which eliminates the waste material and toxins from our body. Apple juice is alkaline in nature and it helps in maintaining the digestive system pH.  Because of its alkaline nature it helps in removing the harmful toxins and other waste material from the body and ultimately it cleanses the liver. So apple is considered good for liver. Apple also has pectin in it which is good for proper functioning of digestive system.

3) Strengthen Immune System

Immune system is very important system as it is concerned with survival of humans. If it is weak we are prone to all diseases so it should be strong. One of the amazing benefits of apple is its ability to strengthen our immune system due to presence of vitamin C in it. It also has iron in it which along with vitamin C makes our bones stronger. Hence drinking apple juice keeps us protected from many viral and bacterial diseases by strengthening our immune system.

4) Good for Constipation

Sometimes our large intestine fails to absorb the required amount of water and leads to constipation. Apple juice provides us solution to constipation problem because it contains sorbitol in it which is natural laxative. It draws water into large intestine and increases the bowel movement as well and treats this condition by making the stool softer so that it can easily pass out of the body. Person suffering from constipation should drink apple juice twice a day to get the health benefits of apple juice ultimately constipation will be treated. It also prevents the occurrence of colon cancer.

5) Best Nutritional value

Apple has excellent nutritional value because it contains number of natural ingredients (like fiber, pectin many vitamins including vitamin A, B6 and C) which are best for human health and there are amazing health benefits of apple juice. Prefer drinking fresh apple juice because apple juices which are commercially available in the market have preservatives added in them which may alter the natural health benefits of apple juice.

6) Apple Prevents Cancer

Apple plays vital role in preventing the life threatening diseases like cancer. Presence of phenolic acids and flavonoids are important for preventing cancer because these prevent the proliferation of cancerous cells.

7) Aids in Asthma

Asthma patients should eat raw apple or drink apple juice because presence of flavonoids makes our respiratory system well functional by strengthening our lungs. Regular consumption of apple juice in asthmatic patients has improved their health.

From the above health benefits of apple juice, significance of apple’s role in human health is very clear so every one of us should make eating apple our daily routine to be strong and to stay healthy.

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