Amazing Health Benefit of Avocado

Avocado, a fruit resembling pear share with green outer color and yellow inside is often named as alligator pear. Basically the yellow pulpy part is consumed and green outer is peeled off. Health benefit of Avocado has made it popular worldwide. It contains variety of vitamins in it like Vitamin B, vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin E. Additionally it is rich in folate and potassium as well. Health benefit of Avocado has benefited many patients suffering with diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, skin problems and many more. Some health benefit of Avocado discussed below.

health benefit of Avocado

Incredible Health Benefit of Avocado

Amazing health benefit of avocado is delineated below. Have a look to know about these benefits.

Benefits in Pregnancy

Avocado is also healthy food item for pregnant females. Health benefit of avocado during pregnancy is credited to folate presence which is called as folic acid and helps in the synthesis of DNA and ultimately new cells. Therefore Avocado is considered of great benefit during pregnancy. Besides vitamin B higher amounts in avocado; presence of Vitamin K also makes it crucial requirements during pregnancy and helps in preventing birth defects in infants.

Relief in Constipation

Besides being rich in fat content, avocado have prodigious amount of fiber as well. One cup of avocado would contain approximately 8 grams of fiber in it. As you are aware of fact, fiber is best for improving digestion so avocado can be used to treat constipation problems. Eating avocado will give sufficient amount of fiber to your body which will regulate bowel movements and ultimately aids proper digestion and constipation will be relieved.

Get Good Skin with Avocado

Girls would definitely start eating avocado after reading skin benefits of avocado. Yes health benefit of avocado also includes skin benefits these are because of monounsaturated fats which play vital role in maintaining glowing skin and provides the required moisture content. It helps to prevent getting acne. Besides it has also role in repairing the damaged skin cells. Consuming reasonable amount of avocado can help you get rid of oily skin, wrinkles, marks on the skin and black heads.

Good for Arthritis Patients

Avocado naturally has anti inflammatory properties in it due to the presence of certain nutrients like oleic acid which is monounsaturated fat. Additionally presence of certain other nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E which are anti oxidants and phytosterols are very helpful in reducing the inflammation in arthritis patients.

Health benefit of avocado is not limited to the only listed above benefit. These are plenty of in number. To get benefit from all these health benefit of avocado add it to your diet plan.

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