Hand Mehndi Designs for Bridal and Wedding

Magnificence of Bride is enhanced because of the amazing mehndi designs. Wedding is the most memorable and most important day in the life of any girl. She always wants to look amazing and stunning on her this big day. To do so, she selects the beautiful dress with the most eye-catching designs and impressive colors, she chooses her jewelry with the most recent and unique designs, her shoes look fabulous and besides this her selection of makeup artist is also from top class. She does preparation of everything with perfection but what if she does not have henna on her hands or if she has applied henna but design is not so good. Therefore, for her perfect and gorgeous looks, she selects the mehndi designs for wedding which are classy and amazing.

Rasm-e-Henna is the first event on the weddings and it shows the utmost importance of Mehndi. On this day Bride hands are decorated with the most beautiful mehndi designs. Mehndi is applied on her hands and feet. In fact, mehndi designs extend from the fingers of the hands to the arm length. Mehndi is applied on both upper and lower sides of the hands and for all sides, different designs are selected. So, it is quite hard job to select so many different designs but all the unique and latest mehndi designs for wedding are shared here for the most beautiful bride. However, mehndi designs are not limited to the hands and arms only in fact, bridal feet are also decorated with the pretty mehndi designs. On feet, some brides prefer design on the whole feet or some bride just love the side mehndi design for feet. you can select any design of mehndi according to your choice. After applying mehndi hands and feet are further decorated by applying nail polish of beautiful color. Finishing by the nail paint give very impressive look to the hands and feet of the bride.

Mehndi designs are of different types like it can be in floral pattern, it can be in the form of leaves, jewelry items or random design. It is further made beautiful by doing shading in the designs. Sometimes mehndi is applied in two steps. Firstly, outline of the whole design is done and leave it for few hours. After this start shading inside this design. This design looks marvelous and everyone will ask you the way you applied henna on your hands. So, these are the ways you can make your mehndi design different from others. Most of the Brides likes to fill in the designs with glitters also. Glitters give mehndi designs shinier look and your hands look more prominent. Anyway, this was the Brides part. Bride applies mehndi in unique way than others because it’s her day. Other people like bride’s friends, relatives, sisters and neighbors who attend this function also decorate their hands with the mehndi so they also need mehndi designs for wedding. We have not forgotten them and we have also unique mehndi designs for them as well.

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