Hair Growth Tips for Men

Many individuals have the problem of hair loss for which they search the lotions for hair growth but those are not useful. They don’t provide no any positive results as seen in many cases and damage the scalp also. There are some effective methods that can be used for the hair growth and with the use of natural products. Given below are a few great hair growth tips for men by which one can get assistance and make his looks appealing.

Hair Growth Tips for Men

Massage of Hot Oil

Massage of hot oil helps in the hair growth and it also makes the hair look healthy and give a glow to them. Oiling is not required every day, one should do it 2 or 3 times in a week but the oil used should be olive oil or coconut oil. These 2 oils provide the essential nutrients to the hair and make them stronger so a person should use one of them.  These both oils are said as hair growth oils as they make the growth fast.

Adding Vitamins in Diet

One should add vitamin in diet, which can be done by consuming food rich in vitamins. An individual can also take supplements which contain vitamins because it is another great source of taking vitamins. One thing should be kept in mind that any man should never purchase and consume any supplement without consulting a physician. Consulting a physician is necessary to avoid the negative effects of any supplement consumed for hair growth.

Use Onion Solution

Onion is proved as great for making the hair strong and when the hair are strong, then the growth becomes automatically fast. So it should always be kept in mind that for making the growth fast, there is a need to make the hair strong first. For making a good onion solution, garlic and cinnamon is also required. Take 4 cloves of garlic in a pan with water; add 2 pieces of cinnamon and one red onion in it. Put the pan on the stove and allow the water to boil. Put the boiled water at room temperature and after cooling it, rub the solution on the scalp. The solution should be applied for 15 minutes and don’t use cold water for washing hair.

Use Potato juice

If a man takes a full potato and rub it on the scalp then it definitely will not give any positive result. Potato juice mixed with a few other natural products and applied on the scalp give great results. For making a great mixture for hair growth, take 3 potatoes and extract the juice, then add 1 egg yolk in it. Also add a teaspoon of honey in the mixture with a small amount of water. Apply the mixture on the scalp as well as hair and leave it for thirty minutes. The hair should not be washed with cold water.

For the hair growth in less time, every individual can get help from the above mentioned hair growth tips for men.

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