Some Tips to Get Rid of Heartburn

Heartburn is unpleasant feeling in which the stomach contents moves upward in esophagus, stomach contents also have acid in them which burns the esophageal tissues. Heartburn is seen very common in people of all ages and both male and female. If you someone has heartburn problem he/she feels like its chest is on bonfire. You suffer this burning sensation from stomach to throat. But make sure this is not very serious condition; you must try ways to get rid of heartburn instead of going for medical treatment immediately. Sometimes you may suffer heartburn problem because of very minor issues and it can be treated easily by following easy tips to get rid of heartburn.

Get Rid of Heartburn

Some Tips to Get rid of Heartburn

  • Milk Aids Heartburn

Milk serves as buffer for stomach acid and it can give temporary relief. If any person is suffering from heartburn problem, he/she can drink a glass of milk but make sure drink skimmed milk because higher fat content is difficult to digest. Also it can stimulate acid production in stomach.

  • Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is another way to get rid of heartburn. When a person chew gum it causes saliva production and saliva serves as buffer for acid. Additionally while you are chewing, this process pushes back the content from esophagus to stomach. So chewing gum is also an effective remedy but you must be careful while selecting gum, prefer sugar free gum for your teeth protection.

  • Avoid late night eating

Some people are habitual of eating late at night; it is also one of the major contributing factors of heartburn. You must eat at least 3 hours before while going to bed because if you lie down immediately after eating, content of stomach will flow back to the esophagus and you will face heartburn problem.

  • Stand Straight

Standing straight can also help you to cure heartburn. If you are in lying or in sitting posture, you should stand up to relax your organs because while you are lying or sitting, organs are in compressed state and standing up straight can help them to relax. If you are lying and cannot stand up simply try to push your upper body to get relief.

These are very easy heartburn remedies that you can follow. If you cannot treat heartburn after trying all remedies at home you should consult physician.

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