How to Reduce Fever In Children

Reducing fever in children is kind of First aid. Children suffer from fever frequently because their immune system is very weak and they get attacked by environmental factors or germs very soon. If medical services are not readily available or you are at such place that you cannot buy medicine or medicine is not available there than you need to do some non-medical things which can help in fever reduction.

Fever In Children

Here are some non-medical ways to reduce fever in infants and also you can use to reduce fever in your children if medical aid is not readily available. Every person must have knowledge of these basic things because children are in every one’s home and they can fell ill or get high fever any time. If there is such situation like nothing is available but you know that how to reduce fever in children than at least you can adopt these to reduce your child’s fever.

Tips to Reduce Fever in Children

  • First of all check your child’s fever with the help of thermometer. The best way to measure accurate temperature is rectal route if you do not want to use this route than you can go for armpit.
  • Place thermometer in armpit and note the temperature after one minute. The readings on the thermometer will tell you about body temperature of your child in Fahrenheit or Degree Celsius.
  • If your child is suffering from very high fever than first thing you need to do bring fever down child, is to place a wet cloth on his forehead. Keep doing this again and again for half an hour. It will help you to reduce fever.
  • Give your child cold food item which will help in reduction of body temperature because the inside temp of your body will remain cool.
  • Keep the temperature of the room cool where your child is resting. Use fan at slow speed so that it can blow on her directly leading to reduction in body temperature.
  • If your child is over dressed or using blanket than remove blanket and extra clothes, this will help in the heat loss from the skin more easily.
  • If your child is very young like less than 1 year of age take him to doctor if he has fever. To low temperature toddler is necessary and normal temp for newborn should be maintained.

These are the best ways to reduce temperature of your child immediately and it is very helpful. But if following how to reduce fever in children is also not helping than you should go to physician and take some medical treatment to reduce fever.

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