Facts About Digestive System

Human digestive system is very complex system which involves many organs for performing its function. The main function of digestive system is to break down the food which we eat into smaller particles and absorb the essential nutrients from it and supply those nutrients to the body. If human digestive system does not work properly, human will not get the essential nutrients and his nourishment will not be possible. Along with all the complex processes which our digestive system performs here are some cool facts about digestive system that everyone must know.

Facts About Digestive System

List of Cool facts of digestive system

  1. Do any of you know that more than 400 different bacteria are residing in human colon? These are considered microbial flora of our digestive system and aid in providing essential vitamins and nutrients. Absence of these bacteria can cause problems.
  2. When we eat food or anything it moves via esophagus and reaches to the stomach but it doesn’t moves itself, there is a wave like movement causing constriction & relaxation that allows food to move. It is called peristalsis. Peristalsis always causes the food to move from mouth to stomach even if you are hanging upside down. It seems fun facts of the digestive system that even you are hanging upside but your food is going right way to the stomach.
  3. Liver is considered to be the largest organ of human body. It is commonly known because all metabolic reactions occur here but you will be amazed to know that it is responsible for performing almost 500 functions in our body
  4. Stomach wall secretes HCl (hydrochloric acid) which aids in killing the bacteria and aid in digestion of food but it can damage the stomach as well. Stomach deal with it by secreting mucus. It is self defense type mechanism that stomach uses to protect itself from HCl.
  5. Usually stomach is known for the digestion of food but you will be surprised to know that minor digestion occurs in stomach while the major digestion occurs in small intestine. Digestion is of two types. Mechanical digestion which breaks down the food into smaller particles and other is chemical digestion which causes the food to enter in blood stream and is responsible for absorption of essential nutrients from the food. Mechanical digestion occurs in stomach and chemical digestion occurs in intestine.
  6. Small intestine is present in folded from in the abdomen region but it is approximately 22 feet in length and 1 inches in diameter.
  7. Another interesting fact about our digestive system is that it produces saliva which is produced one to three liters per day.

These are some cool facts about the digestive system. There are many other fun facts of digestive system as well that will surely surprise everyone.

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