How to Shape Thick and Rough Eyebrows

Eyebrows can totally change your look. Eyebrows if not trimmed or shaped according to your face cut give very odd look. Neat and beautifully trimmed eyebrows and Soft Lips give you very enchanting look. Firstly select the perfect eyebrows shape for you. Select any shape of eyebrow from eyebrows shapes names and this selection depends on your face shape. For each face type or face shape, there are different eyebrows shapes. So if you want to know how to pick eyebrow shape than firstly see eyebrow shapes names.

Eyebrow shape

Selection of Eyebrow shape

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to know about how to shape thick eyebrows.

  • If you have thick and rough eyebrows and you want to tweezers them and trim them than decide where should be your eyebrow inner end?
  • Eyebrow is in arc shape and you have to decide where should be the peak of your eyebrow. You will decide whether it should be towards end or at the middle.
  • Now select the outer end of your eyebrow after selecting peak and determining inner end. It depends on the length of your brow. Decide the outer end according to how long you want your eyebrow.
  • Additionally you should also decide how much thick or thin your eyebrows should be. Arc of eyebrows is kept thicker while the edge or outer end in kept thinner.
  • After selecting the dimensions for eyebrows shape you need to pluck out the extra hair with the help of thread and this is how to shape thick eyebrows.

Selection According to Face Shape

While shaping the eyebrows keep in mind the shape of your face as well

  • For Square face, balance the shape of brows by making them softly round and directing brow towards middle of ear from the outer end.
  • Best eyebrow shape for round face, you need to make brow arc angular to give good frame around eyes and balancing face shape for trimming brows like this.
  • For Long face, you should trim the brows straight and horizontal extending them long.
  • For Oval face, it is easy to shape brows simply shape the brows it will give perfect look.

These are the basic steps which will tell you how to get a perfect eyebrow shape. Follow these steps and shape your eyebrows like this. This will surely give you perfect frame of eyebrows around your eyes and your face will totally look balanced with all other features. Looking stunning and gorgeous is not just about wearing makeup but you should have the perfect eyebrows also.

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