Elijah Name Meaning

Elijah Name Meaning: The name Elijah is a traditional and widely recognized boys’ name with religious significance and roots in various cultures. Here’s a brief overview of the name Elijah:

Elijah Name Meaning


  • Elijah is primarily of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, the name is “Eliyahu” or “Eliyyahu.”
  • The name is closely associated with the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), where the prophet Elijah is a significant figure.


  • Elijah’s meaning is often interpreted as “Yahweh is my God” or “The Lord is my God.” It reflects strong religious and spiritual connotations.

Religious Significance:

  • Elijah is an important prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He is known for performing miracles and being a messenger of God.
  • In Christianity, Elijah is often regarded as a precursor to John the Baptist and is mentioned in the New Testament.
  • The name’s religious connections make it a popular choice among families seeking biblical names.


  • Elijah has been consistently popular in English-speaking countries and has been a top choice for baby boys for many years.
  • It is a name that transcends cultural boundaries and is widely recognized.

Famous Elijahs:

  • There have been notable individuals with the name Elijah in various fields, including sports (e.g., basketball player Elijah “Eli” Manning), music (e.g., musician Elijah Wood), and literature.

Elijah is a timeless and revered name with deep religious roots, making it a meaningful choice for parents who want a name with spiritual significance. Its popularity and versatility have contributed to its enduring appeal.


Q1: What does the name Elijah mean?

The name Elijah is of Hebrew origin and means “Yahweh is my God” or “The Lord is my God,” carrying strong religious significance.

Q2: Is Elijah a popular name?

Yes, Elijah is a popular and enduring boys’ name, consistently ranking among the top choices for parents in English-speaking countries.

Q3: Who is the biblical figure associated with the name Elijah?

Elijah is a significant prophet in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), known for performing miracles and being a messenger of God.

Q4: Are there any famous individuals with the name Elijah?

Yes, there are notable figures in various fields with the name Elijah, including sports, music, and literature, such as basketball player Elijah “Eli” Manning and actor Elijah Wood.

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