How to Dye Hair at Home

Long and soft hair gives very attractive look but dyed hair adds damn pretty texture to your personality and you look amazing among all. You can dye hair by yourself if you know tips to dye hair at home. Here are some best and important home hair dying tips which will help you to get pretty hair colors and this is the best way to color hair.

How to Dye Hair at Home

Here are some tips about how to color hair at home

Selection of Hair Dye

Whenever you decide to dye hair at home the first thing you need to do is to select the color with which you want to dye your hair. Selection of dye depends on the natural color of your hair. Keep in mind that the selected color should not be darker twice times your natural hair’s shade. Also if you are blond you can select variety of colors to dye your hair.

Hair Dye Color Hair at Home

Also go for the little lighter or darker color changes for your hair do not suddenly apply extra dark shades which will give you weird and brassy look. Keeping your hair shade natural is the best thing.

Washing Your Hair

Washing of hair is another important thing to be kept in mind. When you are going for dying your hair keep in mind that you should wash your hair at least 24 to 48 hours before starting dying because when you wash your hair the oils excreted from your scalp are removed. Presence of hair oils makes the dye stickier and it stays for longer duration in your hair. Avoid conditioning your hair as well before dying because conditioner use is also meant for the removal of excessive hair oil. So to retain hair oil it is best to wash your hair at least a day or 2 day before dying your hair.

Dye Color Hair at Home

Hair Dying Tips

Some important home hair dying tips that should be must followed before starting hair dye.

  • Must go for strand test before applying to the whole hair
  • Buy more than one packs of hair dyes because for long hair you need more than one pack to dye all of your hair so to avoid running out of hair dye halfway during dying must keep an extra pack.
  • Do not forget to cover your shoulder and clothes before starting hair dye to avoid any stains on your clothes and prefer to wear any old dress to avoid damage or staining on your new dresses.
  • Wear gloves while you are dying your hair because it is very difficult to remove hair dye from your hands. Gloves should be impermeable to hair dye so selection of gloves should be done care fully
  • Best way to color hair is to comb them properly before applying hair dye because it makes the uniform application of hair dye possible. If your hairs tangled it would be difficult to apply hair dye.
  • Open the packs of hair dye read the instructions and prepare the hair dye solution according to the mentioned instructions.
  • Divide your hair into small sections of ½” or ¼” and start applying hair color one by one on each hair section.
  • When you are done applying hair dye leave it for some specified time and it is good to wear hair cap to prevent hair dye escape.
  • When time is complete rinse your hair with water and see the results

These are the best ways to get pretty hair colors by hair dying at home. Must follow the tips of how to color hair at home to get stunning hair.

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