Extremely Depending on Technology Can be Harmful

Technology has shaped our lives and even our lifestyles in many different and exciting ways. We use depending on technology on a daily basis. Even, sometimes we don’t realize that how strongly technology has influenced our lives. We wake up early in the morning with that annoying sound of “Beep Beep” whose name is the alarm clock. We do not have to memorize anything, we just write it in our mobile phone and keep it save in a draft. There is no concept of study without a computer system or internet connection. So yes, there are many other things which have made us so much dependent on technology that we cannot even imagine our lives without it.

Depending on Technology


According to research, nowadays, almost everyone has some form of technological gadget. Even at our homes, we are completely surrounded by technology. We have televisions in our homes for the sake of entertainment and in order to be updated. One of the biggest form of technology is transportation. Cars, motor bikes and trains have facilitated us to get from one place to the other. Without this facility, we can hardly reach a place in time. Furthermore, we are using GPS tracing devices and satellite radios for our better directions. We are using technology excessively so “Too much depending on technology is creating effects on our lives.”

Literature Review

The article presented by Emily Little explains that we can stop using technology, but we can never get rid of it. This is the age of technology and it would be extremely difficult for us to adjust without technology so somehow everyone depends on it. We are not even focusing on our daily fitness like morning walk and just looking for facilities. The article written by Soumyallt DasMazumdar elaborates that technology is an effective thing, but relying too much on it can be dangerous for our health. And, in the Vickyl’s article he explains with some real life examples that technology is creating effect on our abilities of thinking, memorizing and watching. Sometime human interactions are necessary, but due to technological use everywhere we may not be able to get it.

Analysis on Reviews

The huge impact of technology on our social life is the sources of communication and social media. Technology has made it easier for us to communicate with everybody while sitting anywhere in the world. All the distances have reduced. Firstly, we could just talk to each other, but now we can also see while talking. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest have contributed a lot to the advancement of technology with the help of World Wide Web. Any, news, any idea or information reach its users in seconds.

Another wonderful invention of technology is a “Cell Phone” which plays a major role in the society and the businesses. They are so convenient to use and fast as well. Almost 82% population of the United Stated owns or uses a cell phone. By pressing one button, you can get a lot of information in just a few seconds. Smartphones having touch screens have also taken over the cell phone industry not only technologically but also linguistically.

People have developed a new “texting language” which has now become a big part of verbal communication. Words such as: lol (laugh out loud), omg (oh my God) or ttyl (talk to you later) are becoming more and more popular in our culture today. Some people believe that in coming years, these same phrases will be added to the Webster’s dictionary of words.

Explanation of Analysis

Moreover, workplaces are also becoming dependent on technology. Employers, at present, prefer to hire those employees who have technical know-how and are familiar with new technological devices. Most of the workers in the company have their personal phones and computers so they can exchange information and documents without moving from their desks. Also, there are numerous other devices such as printers, scanners and photocopiers, etc. without which the working of the organization cannot be smooth.

In terms of education, all the students use internet more than the books in order to accomplish their tasks. They have a variety of knowledge and information on the web which helps them get good grades. For their calculation work, they use calculators instead of doing it manually. Also, it takes a lot of time to perform such things manually and there are more chances of error. So, in each and every sector of our life, use of technology has become indispensable and we cannot perform any function without its help.

Imagine, what will happen if all our technological devices face a crash. All the laptops will be switched off. There will be no mobile phones and no televisions. Nobody will be able to listen to the music. We’ll have to write all our assignments with our hands and will have to read all the books thoroughly. Nobody will be able to contact each other or exchange any kind of information. We won’t be able to travel, we’ll go everywhere by walking on our feet. There would be no electricity, no machines and nothing. It would be interesting to see everybody freaking out. It seems like life would stop right at that moment. Because, each and everything in our life is based on technology today and we cannot do anything without it.


This paper justifies that yes, we are extremely depending on technology and somehow it is affecting our lives. In my upcoming research I’ll be conducting details on how technology in effecting our health, what type of dangers it is introducing to our society and in what ways technology can be dangerous for us. How technology is effecting on our abilities of thinking and memorizing, what are the health and physical dangers are becoming prominent due to excess use of technology and how we are extremely depending on technology becoming more and more addicted to it.

Overall, the world today has accepted all technologies in one form or another. Everyone round the globe is in the use depending on  technology at the moment. Even if you’re reading this, thanks to my laptop and your own laptop or PC. Regardless of whether you believe or not, this is a fact that technology is taking us over or helping the world greatly. The demand for technology is too much and too necessary for it to ever disappear and with constant upgrades around each corner it becomes more difficult. We live alongside technology now and whether you control it or it controls you, remember, it has an origin and it started with us.

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