Coronavirus. What is CVOID-19?

Coronavirus disease is also known as COVID-19 is mainly an infectious disease. People are getting affected by this virus and they feel like having a mild illness of respiratory that turns to moderate. It also gets recover once you take it serious instantly. Youngsters can easily bear this disease because their immune system is strong. But older people sometimes cannot face the disease just because they mostly suffering from other health issues like cardio, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic respiratory disease different types of cancer and other health issues. That is why their immune system is already weak by fighting with other diseases.


Everyone needs to be well informed about this disease. Try to get to know this disease for great safety of yourself as well as your family. Not only the main point but you should know the key point about hoe this COVID-19 spreads. Safe and protect yourself from other people and protect others from your infection. This is the time to help others by giving them complete knowledge and also help yourself by getting protected.

How COVID-19 Spreads

The following are some of the ways through which this coronavirus commonly gets spread.

  • It mainly spreads through the droplets of saliva
  • Running nose or discharge from the nose.
  • When an infected person coughs in front of a normal person.
  • If you touch the same thing which has been touched by COVID-19 infected person.
  • Coronavirus easily spread from one person to another person
  • If someone coughs or sneeze in front of a normal person.

AVOID Symptoms 

People might get sick for around 1 to 14 days before developing symptoms of coronavirus. The good thing is that around 80% of patients of coronavirus get recover without taking any special medical treatment.

Following are some of the COVID-19 symptoms everyone should consider and be careful if you are having the same symptoms.

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Body pain
  • Laziness
  • In severe cases, people feel like difficulty in breathing

The condition when you Must Consult the Doctor

The following are the conditions when you need to see the doctor. They are given as under.

  • When you feel shortness in breathing
  • Continuous pain in the body and feel pressure in the chest.
  • When face and lips turn blue

Can CVOI-19 can be Avoided or Prevented?

The best way of avoiding CVOID-19 is to avoid going to social gatherings. Large groups, meet

fewer people whenever needed. Whenever you cough use a tissue paper when you cough and cough on your elbow. Never cough on your hands and if you do it by mistake just wash your hands for at least 20 seconds right away.

Whenever you come home just wash your hands, face instantly. Change your clothes and never wear the same clothes at home which you were wearing outside. Wash all the shopping bags or discard them if you cannot wash them. Keep hands outside and sanitizer with you all the time. If you cannot wash or clean your hands outside so use hand sanitizers. Drink normal water and avoid taking cold food and cold drinks and water.

AVOID Treatment

Now have a look at some of the CVOID treatments that are needed for the patients of coronavirus.

  • If you are feeling pain, cough or fever you must take medicine for pain relief, fever and cough.
  • Need to take a lot of rest. Drink a lot of fluids.
  • Stay away from your other family members for their safety.
  • If you feel like getting severe conditions so you must consult the doctor.

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