07 Risk Factors For Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart diseases is condition in which the fatty material gets accumulated in the arteries walls leading to narrowing of artery walls which supply blood to muscles of heart. Fatty material that accumulates is called atheroma and the condition of process is called as atherosclerosis. CHD cannot be neglected because these are pernicious disease and can be life threatening. If you are having any risk factor or sign and symptoms immediately visit cardiologist and keep regular check on blood pressure and maintain normal blood cholesterol level.

Coronary Heart Disease

Risk Factors For Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease risk factors are very common and some people are prone to these conditions because of any underlying causes, family history or because of their lifestyle. Coronary heart disease risk factors are following

  • Age

With the increase in age, the risk factors for coronary heart diseases are also increases because arteries become more prone towards narrowing and damage.

  • Family History

People with family history of coronary heart diseases have increased chances of coronary diseases like heart attack, angina, stroke etc. You must consult physician even in case of minor heart related problems to avoid consequences in future.

  • Sex

In females the chances of developing coronary heart diseases increases after menopause but in men at all stages of life there are greater risks for developing CHD.

  • High blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure patient’s cardiac health is at greater risk of developing heart diseases because uncontrolled rise in blood pressure causes thickening and hardening of artery walls resulting in narrowed channel for passage of blood.

  • Elevated Cholesterol level

LDL is low density lipoprotein found in our blood and also called as “Bad Cholesterol”. Similarly another lipoprotein, HDL that is high density lipoprotein is present which is called “Good protein”. When the bad cholesterol level rises and good cholesterol level rises, risks of CHD are increased and increased cholesterol levels in blood cause plaque formation & atherosclerosis.

  • Smoking

Smoking cessation comes among one of the best things for good cardiac health. Smokers, especially chain smokers are at doubled risk of developing heart diseases because smoking leads to arterial wall injury leading to atheroma formation which ultimately causes CHD. Passive smoking also makes people prone towards cardiac diseases.

  • Diabetes

Diabetics are more likely to develop cardiac diseases like angina, heart attack or stroke etc. Additionally, cardiac disease risk factors as well as Diabetes type II risk factor are quiet similar for example, high blood pressure & obesity.

These the major risk factors for coronary heart diseases. If anyone is suffering from these risk factors, he/she is more liable to development of cardiac problems.

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