Common Causes that Lead to Peptic Ulcers

Peptic Ulcer are now-a-days very common and seen in people of all ages. It results because of imbalance in gastric juices present in intestine and stomach which lead to ulcer formation. If this is not treated it can get worsen and lead to many serious problems. Common sign & symptoms of peptic ulcer are intense burning in the stomach along with chronic pain, bloating, feeling of fullness, nausea, vomiting, belching and sometimes bleeding in digestive tract also. Causes of peptic ulcer are also very common. If you know the common causes that lead to peptic ulcers than you can prevent ulcers but avoiding that causes. Some common causes that lead to peptic ulcers are discussed here.

Common Causes that Lead to Peptic Ulcers

Common Causes that Lead to Peptic Ulcers

Following are the common causes that lead to peptic ulcers. Avoiding or preventing these reasons can help you reduce the risk of catching ulcer.

  1. Pylori Infection

Commonest cause of peptic ulcer is H. pylori bacteria.  When this bacterium gets entered into our body via any mean like person to person contact, food or water, it leads to infection in the stomach causing stomach wall irritation and inflammation ultimately causing ulcer because it has ability to withstand the highly acidic environment of stomach as well. Peptic ulcer can only be treated by the eradication of this bacterium. However, H.pylori infection can be treated by the use of antibiotics before it leads to ulcer but in severe cases it causes peptic ulcers which can also be healed.

  1. Stress

You might be wondering how stress can lead to peptic ulcer but yea it is true, stress is also one of important common causes that lead to peptic ulcers. Usually people who have history of stress are prone towards getting ulcer because stress causes hormonal imbalance and increases production of acid which can cause stomach irritation and inflammation and ultimately ulcer. Sometimes if you have ulcer then stress can hinder the healing process as well.

  1. Hypercalcemia

Increased level of calcium in the body is called Hypercalcemia, which is also one of the common causes that lead to peptic ulcers. Overproduction of calcium leads to rise in calcium level in our blood which acts as trigger for gastric production. Gastrin is concerned with acid production when calcium is increased, gastrin level rise ultimately acid content will rises leading to peptic ulcer.

  1. Family History

One of the major contributing factors in peptic ulcer is family history. If you have history of family members with peptic ulcers, than risk for your to get ulcer is increased because it run in families also but make sure is not any genetic diseases however, the actual reason behind family history is still unknown.

These are the common causes that lead to peptic ulcers in most of the people. If you know the causes of peptic ulcer it can be treated easily or by preventing these causes risk factor for getting ulcer can also be minimized.

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