Cleanliness, How to Keep Our Town Clean

A clean environment generates creative brains. It has a very good effects on our health. In our religion a great stress has been given to cleanliness. It is considered as half of the faith in Islam. It is next to godliness. Therefore, we should take keen interest to keep our town clean.

To keep our town clean is a personal duty. We should keep our houses clean as well as our streets. We should not spit here and there. We should not through our garbage in the streets. We ought to take initiatives in order to keep our town and environment clean. This act will keep our society healthy and happy.

It is the obligatory duty of the Municipal committee and local bodies to keep the town clean. The staff members of the Municipality should remain busy in keeping our town clean. But they can succeed only when we cooperate with them. In fact, we all of us are responsible for it. More or less, every person has to share this duty.

For this purpose, we should spread the awareness of keeping the surroundings neat and clean. Education does play an important role in this regard. We should educate the people of our town about the harmful- aftereffects of unhygienic and insanitary conditions.

Stagnant and dirty water is a house of diseases. The garbage pollutes the surroundings clean air and water are the most important factors for our health. Harmful germs due to garbage litter are continuously polluting the air and drinking water. We should also educate people about the importance and benefits of cleanliness.

Students can play a very important role. We should train them for this mission. These students would transfer the knowledge further to the other people. Through T.V, radio and other Medias of instructions. We should train our people to maintain cleanliness at home and everywhere in the town. And thus, a chain of awareness will be formed. Colorful posters and banners should be placed to proper places.

We should not be late to inform the concerned authorities about any unhygienic condition in the town. A strict should be kept upon the sweepers care must be taken in order to place dust drums at appropriate places. We should encourage for throwing the garbage in the dust drum. We should not let any person litter our streets and towns.

Every man in the town has to play his role in order in order to keep the town clean. Short-term campaigns could prove beneficial. But a permanent solution is best cure/remedy. We should plant trees in our surroundings to keep the environment clean, fresh and pollution free. It is not only the duty of the government to manage the cleanliness but the citizen also try to understand its importance. Trash should not be thrown outside on the streets carelessly but it should be packed in polythene bags and disposed of in dustbins placed by the Municipal Corporation.

Drainage system must be in order. There should be no breakage or leakage in drainage lines, gutter lines must be clean regularly. There should not be any stagnant water because it becomes the main cause of the growth of germs of different disease.

Neat and clean environment is the reflection of man’s personality. Being Muslims Islam urges to keep clean because it is fundamental factor of all the religions. It became the duties of all the citizens of the country to keep the whole areas of the cities, towns or villages clean. It is not difficult to clean environment and maintain cleanliness if everyone follows five manners in life.

It is also the instructions of our religion Islam that cleanliness is a part of goodness and bad manners decline our standard of living. In this regard, a proper and pure education and awareness is very important and it only be fruitful and beneficial if each and every person realizes his responsibilities.

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