Challenges of 21st Century

A period of 1000 years is called as Millennium. It is a period of future which is taken as the time of great happiness and prosperity for everyone. The period of 21st century is now being called as “The Millennium”.

Charms of the New Millennium

The new millennium is a period of high technology, high knowledge and high technical achievements. The last few decades of the outgoing century brought development in communication. Men has already conquered the moon and now probing into the secrets of Mars, Jupiter and other planets in the universe.

  • The life will become more advanced in 21st
  • The civilization will totally become related with materialistic things.
  • The world societies will lead a comfortable and charming life.
  • In the new millennium, the scientific techniques and methods will improve to discover the new fact of the universe.
  • In the new millennium, the communication in the world will become more powerful and expeditions.

Challenges of The new Millennium:

  • In the new Millennium, the power of the world will be more strong and will bring the new ways of industrialization and energy therefore a lot of challenges are prepared for the world’s nations to make the world as an actual happy place.
  • It is the responsibility of responsibility of world’s nation to create the thinking of mutual respects.
  • Power, energy and industrialization should not be used only for producing the wealth but it should use for the betterment of mankind.
  • Nuclear power and atomic energy should be implemented for constructive purposes, such a powerful source should not be wasted in wars.
  • The materialistic inventions of science which are prepared for the benefit of human beings should be distributed among the nations of the world equally.
  • It is duty of every nation in the new millennium to prepare itself for the solution of social, economic and political problems and try to make this world as an Eden.

Pakistan in the New Millennium:

The 21st century and the new millennium is a period of great challenges of Pakistan. Pakistan is an under developing country and is for back ward as compared that of other civilized its right position in the world according to its In the new millennium, Pakistan should make the following steps to obtain its right position.

  • The people of Pakistan should try to remove their mutual misunderstand and to make them united for the progress of Pakistan.
  • The advancement of science and technology and the industrialization is necessary for Pakistan in the new millennium.
  • The political parties of Pakistan should feel their responsibilities and they should try to make constructive politics.
  • The standard of education as well as standard of living should manage according to the needs of modern time.
  • Corruption, crimes, political instability, terrorism, social and political injustice and other many things like that should be controlled in Pakistan.

Pakistan, if it wants to hold its freedom and identify in the world, it should keep its interests on the challenges of 21st century and it should try to make such improvements which make it rise in world.

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