Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Hair Extensions

Having hair extensions adds your overall personality with a beautiful outlook and initially makes you look stunning as well. Buying hair extensions is a significant investment, and definitely, you spend a lot of money to pick the one such hair extension, which is perfect for you. But did you ever notice that your hair extension is getting damaged as well? Well, it might happen if you are not giving your hair extension with proper care and attention. There are specific reasons or bad habits that can damage your best hair extensions! Do you want to know about them all? Let’s check out!

Extremely Polluted Air

One of the primary reasons due to which your hair extensions can face extreme damage is because of polluted air. Hair extensions are made from natural hairpieces which can easily get damaged by polluted smoke, or fume. This can show a negative effect on the hair strands and make it look dull and drab. This is a major habit which can extremely damage your extension. Apart from damaging the hair extensions, air pollutants can also dry them. If you have a habit of smoking, then make sure you cover your extensions entirely with some piece of silk clothing.

Not Washing Hair Extensions Properly

Another primary reason is improper washing of hair extensions. In most of the conditions, over-washing can give massive damage to your hair extensions! Both the terms of under washing and over-washing are not suitable for the hair extensions. If you do not follow a proper pattern of washing your hair extensions, then it might be possible that it will start giving a dirty and dull appearance. If you want to maintain the hair extensions, make sure you wash them just once in a week.

Using Harsh Products On Hair Extensions

Sometimes using harsh products on best hair extensions can also damage their roots severely. Almost all hairstylists recommend using moisture-rich hair conditioners or shampoos. They even suggest using products that are entirely alcoholic free. This is a major habit which can extremely damage your extension. Try to stay extra gentle on your hair extensions and make use of cleansers that are sulfate-free in chemical range. Pay attention to product labels before buying it.

Cutting/Trimming Hair Extensions

Besides, we will also make you learn about trimming the hair extensions. Trimming your hair extensions is the best way to maintain the overall appearance of hair extensions. But regularly performing this act can ultimately damage the hair extension roots. If you still want to trim your hair extensions, then make sure you keep it hydrated by using some essential oils. This will protect the hair toots against any damage.

Harsh Use of Glues

In case if you use any harsh glue for letting the extension to stick to your hairs, then it will not just damage the extension but even your scalp. Try to choose those glue products which are entirely safe for your hair extension and your scalp. Ask from your hairstylist and follow their recommendations.

Growth of Mold

Lastly, we have the reason for mold growth! Similar to the washing of hair extensions, drying the hair extensions is also an essential element to keep in mind. In case if you will be improperly drying your hair extensions then definitely it can damage it ultimately. This is a major habit which can extremely damage your extension.  Improper drying of hair extensions can give rise to a certain amount of moisture in the hair roots. This moisture can take place due to the growth of mold, which straight away attacks at your hair extension.

Final Verdict

No doubt hair extensions enhance your overall personality and look, but at the same time, they deserve the same attention and care from your side as well. So keep in mind all these important points which we discussed right here with you. Give your hair extensions the ultimate care which you give to your own hairs. You should be giving your hair extensions proper maintenance so they can withstand for long years with you. Avoid washing them regularly, or avoid using any heat styling products on them.

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