Foreground and Background Colors in Adobe Photoshop – Class 2

Hello Students and friends. Don’t forget to watch my video. From this video lecture you can learn about foreground and background color. The question comes in everyone mind which is background colors, purpose and use of these background in Adobe Photoshop. What tips and tricks we should follow to get creative, attractive colors which show elegant look of our image. Watch my video and improve you skills to get expert.

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The information you can gather from this video at the end is How to set foreground and background colors. we have 2 categories of colors used in Adobe Photoshop. These are located at the bottom of the tool bar .

  • Foreground Color: This color can be used for text/fonts. Foreground color is also used for text styling,painting and filling,by default white in color.
  • Background Color: This color is used to give image, banner, logo background color etc by default black in color.

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