Arham Name Meaning

Arham Name Meaning: the Word Is Just Like Om For Jain Community; Mercy; Compassion. Lucky No: 6, Gender : Boy , Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursday  Lucky Colors: Red, Violet . Lucky Stones: Ruby.  

Arham Name Meaning in English

The name “Arham” is of Arabic origin and is often used as a boy’s name. It is derived from the Arabic word “رَحْمَة” (rahmah), which means “mercy” or “compassion.” As a result, the name Arham can be interpreted to mean “merciful” or “compassionate.” It is a name with a positive and meaningful connotation, and it is relatively popular in Islamic cultures and among Muslim communities.

Name Arham
Meaning the Word Is Just Like Om For Jain Community; Mercy; Compassion
Gender Boy
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky N0 6
Lucky Colors Red, Violet
Lucky Stones Ruby


What does the name Arham mean?

The name Arham means “merciful” or “compassionate.” It has Arabic origins and signifies a quality of kindness and empathy.

Is Arham a common name?

Arham is a relatively common name in Islamic cultures and among Muslim communities, but its popularity may vary in different regions.

Can Arham be used as a girl’s name?

While Arham is primarily a boy’s name, names are flexible, and some may choose to use it for girls if they appreciate its meaning.

What is the cultural significance of the name Arham?

The name Arham is culturally significant in Arabic-speaking and Muslim communities, where it represents the value of showing mercy and compassion in one’s character.

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