Amazing Health Benefits of Eggs

Oval shaped eggs with white albumin part and yellow yolk are famous food item and usually people eat egg in breakfast. This small egg carries tremendous health benefits which are unbelievable. Some people only like white part and some people like only yellow part but it is important to eat both parts together because by confining yourself to one part you are going to miss important health benefit of egg. Egg carries calcium, iron and other essential minerals in it. Several important vitamins like Vitamin A, B and E are also present in it. Health benefit of egg is discussed in detail here.

Amazing Health Benefits of Eggs

Important Health Benefit of Egg

Egg looks simple and most of people just say it is not good for health but it carries surprising benefits.

Carries Important Minerals

Eggs are known to contain all the essential minerals in them which include phosphorous, zinc and iron. In addition to these some minerals are present in smaller quantity in egg but these also give health benefit of egg which includes iodine and selenium. These minerals are basic needs of our body because iron is needed for the blood formation inside body, Zinc is needed to boost up the immune system of our body and phosphorous is responsible for the teeth and bone health. Among minor mineral selenium is known to have prevention against cancer because of its antioxidant properties and iodine helps the proper regulation of thyroid hormones in the body.

Best for Eyes

Most delicate part of human body is eyes and eyesight is the greatest blessing among all which helps us to see around us but with age our sight becomes weak and we cannot see the things properly. To prevent this eye problem in your older age you should start eating eggs because eggs contains certain antioxidants which keeps your eyesight normal for long which are Zeaxanthin and lutein. This health benefit of egg is strong enough to make you eat eggs.

Good during Pregnancy

Benefit of egg during pregnancy is attributed to the presence of an essential nutrient in it that is choline. Choline is considered important because of its characteristic role in the development of brain. Eating eggs gives you reasonable amount of choline and ultimately helps in brain development of infants and prevents birth defects as well. This is an important health benefit of an Egg.

Helps in Losing Weight

Another health benefit of egg is its role in helping to maintain normal weight. Usually everyone think egg makes you fat and these are not good food. But egg has amazing health benefits and it does not put on weight instead due to its protein content it keeps you full for long time and you do not feel hungry ultimately you eat less. Besides there are not evidences that egg raises cholesterol levels. So it is good for heart health as well.

Health benefit of egg cannot be ignored. If you do not eat egg, add it to your diet today to enjoy all health benefits of egg.

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