Alipur Noon Postal Code » Postal Code for Alipur Noon, Sargodha

The postal code for Alipur Noon, Sargodha, in Punjab, Pakistan is 40500. Alipur Noon is a town located in the Sargodha District of the Punjab province in Pakistan.

Postal Office Post Code
Alipur Noon 40500

Alipur Noon, a town nestled in the Sargodha District of Punjab, Pakistan, has its own unique Alipur Noon postal code, which is 40500. This code helps in organizing and delivering mail efficiently within the area.

Alipur Noon is a village near Bhera in the Sargodha area of Punjab, Pakistan. It started in the 1800s by the Noon family. It’s a big place with over 24,000 people living there. The village has schools, clinics, and shops with things like metal work and woodworking. It’s an important place for the people living there.

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