Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet has become the need of everyone now-a-days because it helps us to a lot to carry out our life activities and it has made our life very easy. Internet technology because of its immense benefits is ruling over the world. If there is no internet it seems like life has stopped because we have become so much dependent on internet for our daily activities.  Internet is an infinite source of information whatever you need, internet can help you with that. It contains all sorts of information. Everything has two aspects good and bad similarly, there are advantages and disadvantages of internet. So let’s have a look on both aspects of Internet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages of Internet

Following are the basic advantages of internet.

  1. Internet is huge source of knowledge and information. It does not have any subject limitations like it covers all topics in the world science, arts, health, Information technology, statistics, miscellaneous topics, in short it is treasure of information. You just need to type the word in google. It will take you to the all relevant information. It carries information of all ages and information here is always up to date.
  2. Another amazing benefit of internet is its service to make the communication easier. You can get access to internet anywhere in the world and communicate via internet to any person you can. Sources are E-mail and internet calls as well. E-mail is the most commonly use way of communication among business class. For the general conversation people usually prefer chat rooms & other internet calling applications.
  3. Entertainment services are another blessing of internet for the entertainment lovers. It can help us to download games, movies, video clips or we can watch/play these online also. People are doing this as business as well. It has become the biggest shopping center as well. Payments & Transactions can be easily done via internet.

Among advantages & Disadvantages of internet these are some basic advantages of internet.

Disadvantages of Internet

Internet has got some disadvantages as well.

  1. The information that you save on your online accounts can be easily get hacked by the hackers and you may loss your important data. Although there are security and privacy systems but sometimes hacking is so strong that your information can’t be protected.
  2. Time wastage is the biggest drawback of internet. When you start using internet, you become so lost in this world & you don’t get the idea that you have spent hours in surfing internet. Especially for students’ internet is doing more harm than benefit because of time wastage issue.
  3. Virus attacks are very common in the internet world. Although you can protect your system with privacy and antivirus but once your system get infected with the virus, you have to reboot it completely and it may cause some of your files totally damaged and you cannot repair them as well.

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of internet. It depends on the usage of person as well, whether he/she is using it for positive purposes of the negative.

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