All You Need to Know About Dates

Do you know what dates are and how much they are beneficial for health? The palm tree constitutes one of the families of tropical plants more numerous. The scientific name of the palm; there are almost 200 genera and more than 2,000 species. Most of them come from the desert areas of Asia and America, except for a few that come from Africa. These plants, especially the date palm and coconut palm are of vital importance for the peoples of the warm countries. Fruits that are to be consumed fresh are not harvested until they mature, but those destined for export as dried fruit are harvested before they ripen.

About Dates

The date is a very particular fruit with unique characteristics. They are usually considered part of the group of dried fruits, such as grapes and prunes or apricot apricots, but the fact is that the dates mature and dry in the plant itself. Nutritionally it is a very interesting product, do you know its different varieties? We acknowledge that it took me a while to appreciate the value of the date. I remember that there were always dates at home at Christmas time, and although my parents loved it, I did not decide to give them a chance. Luckily, I later discovered its gastronomic value and learned that the different varieties can give a lot of play in the kitchen.

There are a lot of dates benefits are very nutritious and energetic fruits, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They are an important pillar in the diet of many countries as it helps a lot in losing weight, especially in North Africa and Southwest Asia, and although they are usually consumed dry, there are those who prefer fresh and soft. Do you know which tree the dates grow in?

The date is obtained from the date palm, also known as a palm, Phoenix, or pharaoh and scientific name Phoenix dactylifera. This species has a unique trunk and can reach a height of up to 30 meters. Its leaves are pinnate and prickly and its flowers are braided and cream or yellowish. The high content of the dates fruits in fats, carbohydrates, and sugars make this fruit a food specially indicated to recover forces, ideal for example for athletes, students, and workers. They are also very useful for the brain – they increase mental capacity and agility -, they have antioxidant properties, they fight against constipation because they are equally abundant in fiber and help to sleep better. You can now see the health benefits of dates

Dates are contraindicated however for people with obesity and high cholesterol. They can cause cavities and migraine. A generic way of classifying data types is in terms of texture and consistency. The different varieties and their ripening periods offer different characteristics, which also affect the final taste. We find dates that are soft, semi-dry and dry. In general, the softer or tender dates are sweeter and contain a greater amount of sugars, although in general all mature varieties of this fruit have a very high percentage, around 80% of sugars. Therefore, they are a great source of energy to be very caloric, although less than other dried fruits. Now you can see and figure out the importance of dates as dates benefits are uncountable.

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