Aam Ka Achar Recipe

Ap apni family ko surprise kar sakty hain aam ka tasty achar bana kar. Ap is ko weekend par ya kisi special moqa par bana sakty hain. Ayen ap ko Aam Ka Achar Recipe banana sikhaty hain.

Aam Ka Achar Recipe

Ajza (Ingredients)

  • 3 khaam aam (mango)
  • 4 tbsp laal mirch pisi hui.
  • 4 tbsp mustard powder.
  • 3 tbsp namak.
  • 200 ml till ka tail.
  • 1 tbsp maythi.

Tareeka (Procedure)

Sb sy pehly mangoes ko dho lein aur saaf kar lein. Ab in ko ghutlio samait adha adha barabar kaat lein. Ab laal mirch, mustard powder, namak aur maythi ko 1 bowl mein mix kar lein. Ab aam k tukron ko is mixture mein daal dein aur achi tarahn sy hila lein. Ab 1 jar lein aur aam k tukron ko us mein daal dein. Ab is mein till ka tail daal dein aur achi tarhan hila lein. Ab is jar ko 3 sy 5 din k liye dhoop mein rakh dein. 3 sy 5 din k baad apka aam ka achar tayar ho jaye ga.

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