3 Day Diet Plan

Individuals who don’t pay attention on the intake of calories, gain weight fast. It is not easy to shed the pounds and it requires a lot of effort. A person cannot lose weight by just following a strict diet plan as spending time on exercise is also necessary. Without following a 3 day diet plan or any other, one cannot become smart. Given below is an effective diet plan which can help in shedding pounds.

3 Day Diet Plan

This diet plan is simple and a person can lose weight in a short period of time by following it.

Diet Plan Day 1

For breakfast, a person can have the following:

  • Black coffee or water
  • Half a grapefruit
  • 1 slice of toast

In Lunch, can consume:

  • Half a cup of tuna
  • 1 slice of toast
  • A cup of black coffee or tea

For Dinner, the person can consume:

  • A small piece of meat and it can also be chicken
  • Half cup of green beans
  • 1 carrot
  • Half apple
  • A small cup of vanilla ice cream

Diet Plan Day 2:

For breakfast, the menu is same as for day 1 but one eatable can be added in it:

  • 1 egg

For Lunch:

  • A cup of cottage cheese
  • Some saltine crackers

For Dinner: 

  • A few beef sausages
  • A small cup of crushed broccoli or cabbage
  • Half banana

Diet Plan Day 3:

For breakfast, the menu is same as the day 2 but two eatables can be added:

  • A small piece of cheddar cheese
  • Half apple

For lunch, the eatables included are the same as for day 1.

For Dinner, a person can eat:

  • A small amount of tuna
  • 1 carrot
  • A small cup of crushed cauliflower
  • A small piece of melon

One can enjoy eating his/her favorite dishes or eatables as it is a strict diet plan and sauces should not be added to the meal. Using sugar in tea is not allowed because this 3 day diet plan is for reducing the intake of calories.

This diet doesn’t require a lot of effort because the eatables needed for it are simple. This diet plan is not recommended for the vegetarians and it is great as the food items consumed included in it are not expensive. The individuals suffering from the diseases like heart issue or high blood pressure should not use this plan for losing weight. The main reason is that the eatables included in this diet plan are high in salt that is not good for heart patients.

So, don’t waste time and start following this diet plan to become smart in a few days. But make sure you will not eat much after the completion of 3 days of dieting.

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