10 Most Important Reasons to Avoid Soda

With the advancement in the time and technology, many things in the world have revolutionized to a great extent, but despite of this advancement and revolution, something are still out there causing more harm than good. One of those things is soda drinks, one associated with fast foods. Many reasons re there to avoid soda drinks. Some of them include, they cause health issues like weight gain, laziness, diabetes and many other diseases.

The caffeine in the colored drinks is very harmful for life as it causes irregular heartbeats. However soda drinks cause some relief also, like they are used to digest fast food easily and effectively. But if we view from a greater point of view, the harm they impart is much more than their good. And that’s why we should opt to leave them. These things lead us to conclude that we should avoid soda at the best. In the following, we will discuss reasons why should avoid soda, avoid drinking soda, quit soda. We will also discuss in brief the reasons to avoid soft drinks, Health hazards of soft drinks, and hazards of soft drinks.


1-Advantages to Avoid Soft Drinks

Get maximum nutrients from food

Recent studies reveal that drinking soda is not only useless but they also cause other harms. Like they are like the blockage of nutrients which we get from our food. Avoiding soda drinks lead to more and easy consumption of calcium and other valuable nutrients from our regular diet.

Be thinner

It is a common observation and also a recent study which show that consumption of soda is directly related to gaining obesity. So if we avoid soda drinks and alcohol, we will surely avoid obesity which means less weight gain or in other words, more activeness.

Avoid Diabetes

Many observations have been made which reveal that one of the main causes of the diabetes is the increased consumption of soda drinks. So avoiding drinking soda is leading to reduced risk of getting diabetes.

Get your blood pressure lower

The caffeine in the colored soda drinks is just like the poison for one’s life in a sophisticated form. It increases the blood pressure of the person which is the beginning of the many heart diseases. So avoiding soda drinks is likely to have less and safe blood pressure. So we should quit soda drinks.

Reduced risk of Asthma

A study experiment was made in a US high school where it was revealed that students who consume more soda drinks are more exposed to getting asthma. A deep research is in the progress to find the direct link between soda drinks and asthma. But it is clear that getting soda drinks is likely to buy more drinks of asthma. So we should avoid soft drinks.

Avoid pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one things growing the modern world more wildly and it is more common in women than men and it has been found that soda drinks are inflicting more risk to getting more pancreatic cancer.

2-Reasons to Avoid Soft Drinks

More Weight Gain

The sugar drinks have more than 50 % of sugar by means of concentration. That sugar is one thing meant to increase activeness, but that thing is temporary. The thing which is more permanent is its effect on health. These drinks cause more weight gain and that by no means is beneficial. Increase weight leads to many other serious problems in life like increase laziness, social taunts, and depression.

 More Fat in the Liver

The sugar which is present in a very large proportion in these drinks turns to the fat in the liver and that fat is very injurious to health and it is the starting point of increase obesity. They also inflict fatty liver diseases. Keeping in view the Health hazards of soft drinks, we should quit soft drinks.

More Belly Fat

The fat in the liver is just the starting point of increased fats in the belly. That by no means is desirable. In addition, this fat in the belly also causes metabolic diseases. More belly fat results in bad shape of person which not only causes health but also social problems as well.

More insulin Resistance

The function of insulin is to transport the glucose from blood to cells but the sugary drinks become resistant to this insulin. When this happens. Pancreases have to make more and more insulin to drive glucose from blood to cells. So in effect, insulin level in the blood increases. This causes type 2 diabetes.  This is really very serious concern for those who are addictive of soda drinks. It is true that it is very hard to leave any kind of addiction, but efforts can put a man in more stable condition where he can choose between what’s good and bad for him. Keeping in the view hazards of soft drinks, we should avoid soft drinks.

No nutrients.

It is very important to note that the soda drinks are rich in no nutrients but sugar and gas which are not even desirable but still they taste good so people use it but if they keep in the mind the adverse effects, they would surely lose it. So if I has no nutrients, I think there is no point of drinking it.

Increased Leptin Resistance

Leptin is the hormone produced by the fat that maintains the energy balance in the body and in simple words energy in and out of body. Increased consumption of soda drinks leads to imbalance in this energy balance. This energy imbalance can lead to serious health degradation as more energy can be utilized than consumed and as result, energy required for maintaining body systems will become less.

3-Health Hazards of Soft Drink

It can be an addiction

You may have seen many people who drink more soda than water. That is the indication of addiction it has on many people. This is due to cocaine present in the soda diets which causes addiction because of its relief effects. Any kind of addiction is bad for health so it must be avoided.

Soda drinks cause Heart Diseases

It has been discovered that soda drinks cause cardiovascular diseases. Numerical values show that 20 % of men who regularly take soda drinks are likely to have heart arrests in their lives. Keeping in view the serious health hazards of soft drinks, we should avoid soda drinks.

Increase danger to teeth

Soda drinks contain phosphoric acid and carbonic acid which create acidic impact on teeth and therefore make it more vulnerable to decay.

Increased Joints diseases

The more intake of soda diseases leads to more risk of getting gout which is a disease of joints in which joints have pains and inflammation. This is due to uric acid which is provided by soda diets.

Increases Risk of Dementia

Increase soda drinks consumption can lead to neurodegenerative disorder like Dementia. Most common example of this dieses is Alzheimer’s disease. The main cause of this disease is increased heart rate which is caused by soda drinks.

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